Zhiheng Y.

Zhiheng Y.


Computer Engineering | Computer Science, Mathematics

My name is Zhiheng Yang, and I am a 2nd year undergraduate student in University of Wisconsin-Madison triple majoring in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Computer Engineering. Last summer, I got an internship at TuringQ, a quantum computing company. My job was to reduce the error rate of the 5D optical storage device. After doing research about the error-correcting codes, I chose the Reed-Solomon code. After implementing the algorithm, the error rate was largely reduced. Later, my teammates, who are PhD and post-doc in physics, didn’t understand the mechanism of the RS code, so I made a PPT and explained the group theory and finite polynomial ring. Now they are writing a paper about applying the RS code to the storage device. Due to my excellent performance, I was later invited to participate in the quantum computing team. I joined their meetings and learned the quantum version of CNN, GAN algorithm. During the summer of 2020, I worked at Zhejiang Dongri Co., Ltd, a local company in my hometown. My job was to cleanse the transaction data from a vegetable market and then analyze them. The numbers were recorded with different units, but the corresponding units were not recorded. After doing the data cleansing, I also analyzed the data and gave some possible reasons for a decrease in sales.
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