Hassan S.

Full Stack Engineer

Experienced Software Engineer with Strong Full-Stack Proficiency As a seasoned Software Engineer with a robust background in both frontend and backend development, I bring a wealth of technical expertise and a proven track record of successful project delivery. My skills span a wide range of technologies, including Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Django Rest Framework, Node, Express, and React. With a keen eye for system design and architecture, I excel in creating efficient, scalable, and secure software solutions. Key Strengths and Achievements: In my role as a Software Engineer at Arrivy, Inc., I led the design and development of the innovative Arrivy Connect feature, showcasing my leadership and technical prowess. I played a pivotal role in migrating from WebApp2 to Django, streamlining operations and ensuring a seamless transition. My dedication to best practices is evident through my critical analysis of system design, technical documentation, and adherence to software development principles. During my tenure at Cloudpacer, I demonstrated exceptional versatility by successfully contributing to diverse projects across healthcare, automobile, and services sectors. I spearheaded the creation of a crucial Microservice that fetched data from MotorAPI, enabling efficient build sheet generation. I also provided instrumental insights into security analysis during a pivotal product acquisition phase. My robust database schema design, API development, and multi-factor authentication implementation further underscore my ability to deliver comprehensive and secure software solutions. As a freelance Full-Stack Engineer, I crafted impactful e-commerce platforms such as Al-Amal and The Medical Treasure, showcasing my proficiency in React and Django Rest Framework. My academic background in Computer Science from the International Islamic University, combined with a strong 3.62 CGPA, solidifies my foundation in the field. Highlighted Projects: Livecycle/Preevy: Active open-source contributor, showcasing my commitment to collaborative development. TimeMaven: Innovator behind a productivity app integrating with OpenAI API, reflecting my creative problem-solving skills. Polyglotten: Designed and developed a language-learning social media platform for my Final Year Project, highlighting my ability to conceptualize and execute complex projects. Education: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the International Islamic University, Islamabad, with a strong academic track record. Writing Portfolio: Authored informative articles on Git, Docker, and software development on platforms like Medium and Dev.to, showcasing my commitment to knowledge-sharing. Additional Skills: - Proficient in Cloud Computing, GCP, CI/CD, Docker, unit testing, and cloud functions. - Experienced in Microservices, authentication, OAuth, and external integrations. - Skilled in technical documentation, message brokers, and system design. I am dedicated to delivering error-free, high-quality software solutions that align with client needs. With a solid foundation, demonstrated accomplishments, and a continuous pursuit of knowledge, I am well-equipped to contribute to your team's success.

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  • TypeScript
  • Material UI
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redux
  • Sequelize