Arthur K.
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CTO | Senior Software Developer | Full-stack, Python, Javascript

With over 20 years of experience as a competitive programmer, algorithm designer, tech lead, and CTO, I stand out as a top-tier software engineer on Upwork. My background not only spans various technical domains but also includes impressive achievements in competitive math and computing, highlighting my analytical and problem-solving skills. Additionally, I have extensive experience in startups, recruiting, training, marketing, and SEO, and I screen for projects where I know I can make the highest impact on a company. Key achievements: ✔ Pivotal Role in 10x Company Growth: In my role as CTO at Five Digit Media Inc., I engineered a groundbreaking algorithm that dramatically expanded the company's audience, profit, and revenue, achieving an impressive tenfold growth during an 8-week period. ✔ Top 10 in Canada in Computer Programming and Math Competitions: This experience honed my analytical thinking and complex problem-solving abilities, and underscores my proficiency in efficient and innovative algorithm design, which is crucial in software development. It also laid a solid foundation for my deep understanding of data science and machine learning concepts. Technical Experience Overview: ✔ CTO, Tech lead (17 years) ✔ Javascript (23 years) ✔ Python (6 years) ✔ MySQL (23 years) ✔ PostgreSQL (12 years) ✔ Ruby on Rails (12 years) ✔ React (6 years) ✔ C# / F# / .NET Core (6 years) ✔ PHP, CSS, HTML (23 years) ✔ Linux administration (23 years) ✔ Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Data Science (4 years) In the near future, my focus is on leveraging my extensive programming experience to build efficient and robust software systems and continue improving my skills. I have a keen interest in machine learning and AI, and excel in tackling challenging projects that push the boundaries of technology. With my background in hiring and managing top talent, I understand what it takes to be an exceptional tech professional from both the developer's and employer's perspectives.

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  • Python
  • PostgreSQL
  • Ruby on Rails