Lukas B.
Rising Talent

Expert Mobile Development | 30+ apps, 5M+ MRR, 500M+ MAU

🧑‍💼 I will build your mobile app up to the world-class standards ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I also can help you build a team for your project ⚙️ ✅ 10+ years of experience delivering innovative solutions ✅ Focused on Health, Wellness, OTT, Education, Fitness. ✅ Passionate about great user experience and interface ✅ Specialized in scalability, supporting millions of daily users ✅ Proven track record in building and managing high-performing teams and solutions ✅ Expertise in translating business goals into technical strategies ✅ Skilled in CI/CD, DevOps, and best practices for efficient deployments ✅ Passionate about fostering a positive and inclusive team culture As an accomplished Individual Contributor & Manager in software engineering, I specialize in aiding startup founders through product management challenges and helping them reach their business objectives. I guide my clients through crucial stages such as ideation, development, and deployment, applying my knowledge to create comprehensive roadmaps, build highly performing solutions, and execute iterative launches of MVPs. I understand the technical challenges startups face when bringing a new product to market. This gives me valuable insights and recommendations on optimising development processes, streamlining workflows, and guaranteeing products meet the highest quality and functionality standards. In addition to my consulting work, I am passionate about mentoring and teaching others the latest innovations in software and product development. Through insightful advice and hands-on coaching, I assist individuals and organizations alike in optimizing their development processes, fostering effective team-building strategies, and achieving long-lasting success within today's rapidly evolving business landscape. I am passionate about inspiring ambitious entrepreneurs and emerging leaders to reach their full potential. I look forward to using my extensive experience and insight to help propel your business to new heights of success. 🤩 I'm also a founder and lead developer of my own startup focusing on children's health and education.


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