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Dustin H., GISP Independent GIS Consultant dhmappingllc.com CURRENTLY ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS !!! I have been a Certified GIS Professional (GISP) since 2014 with over 14 years of GIS experience. I graduated with two Bachelor of Science Degrees, one in Natural Resource Management and the other in Geography with an emphasis in Geographic Methods. In addition to Upwork, I have done over 3,000 billable hours outside of the platform. I am a well-rounded GIS professional who is passionate about their work and is always striving for excellence. My greatest strength is using the ESRI platform to create spatial data via automation using model builder and python, digitizing from hard copy maps, preparing static pdf maps, conversion between file types (dwg, kmz, geojson, etc...), performing spatial analysis, and using ArcGIS Online (and their field apps Survey 123, Collector, etc...). I also have strong background in the setup and maintenance of ArcGIS Enterprise. Software/Applications: ArcMap10.x (Advanced), ArcGIS Pro 2.x, QGIS 3.x, ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Online, Google Earth Pro, ArcGIS Collector, Python, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Postgresql, WAB Developer Edition, BSD Lightning, IIS 7, Geoserver 2.11, AWS GIS Skills: digitizing/vectorization, georeferencing, geojson creation, kmz creation, CAD (dwg) conversion, Google Maps Scraping, GIS extraction from REST (vector or raster) geocoding, web applications using ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Enterprise setup, model builder, python scripting, file geodatabase design, spatial analysis, data acquisition, SQL spatial triggers, GIS workflow preparation & documentation, coordinate systems & datum transformations, data driven pages, data conversions, cartography design & map making for a variety of print & electronic formats. List below are a few of the projects done outside of the Upwork Platform Community Development 1) GIS lead in a community planning and design company to analyze various datasets for the City of Los Angeles. Analysis was done on specific community planned areas, districts, and LA as a whole. Census demographic were used from 1960 - 2010. Some of the variables studied were total population, population by race, dwelling units, and medium household income. Reports and maps were made to show percent changes across the census years. A few other variables that were studied were liquor licenses, homelessness, crime, and zoning. Commercial Real Estate 1) Created a suitability report to analyze demographics for open lease and competitor locations of various retail companies. Also identified potential leaseholders and provided contact information from their Google Maps listing. 2) Teamed up with a real estate investment company to analyze vacant properties to purchase in North Carolina. Some of the variables consisted of minimum lot size, road type, water/sewer, road frontage, terrain analysis, and zoning classification. The deliverable consisted of a contact report, maps, and shapefiles / kmz of the data. Education 1) Performed over 300 hours of online tutoring covering various GIS areas. Worked with undergrads, graduates, and associate professors. Subject areas included Cartography, Application, Python, Remote Sensing, and Project Workflows. Government 1) Partnered with a political research company to digitize district boundaries for multiple cities and counties across the country. Provided shapefiles and geojson files to the client. 2) Prepared GIS maps for a future land use study for a city in Florida. A few maps: Wetlands, FEMA Floodplain, Topography, Soils, and Zoning. Oil & Gas 1) Mapped contact and acquisition reports for a project in Stafford County, Kansas. Deliverable consisted of maps showing properties that were signed or contacted along with the shapefile of the data. 2) Worked with an E&P company to setup their GIS system. Job included purchasing and installing the software. Setting up map templates and gathering 3rd party data. Linking their Land System to the GIS system. Created web applications using ArcGIS Online. Created scripts to upload data to ArcGIS Online on a nightly basis. Precision Farming 1) Contracted with a vineyard consultant in Oregon to create maps displaying various attributes of their vineyards. Analysis consisted of interpolating field data. Some of the features were pruning weights, sampling ratios, shoots per sample, and harvest weights. In addition to this analysis, also performed multiple terrain analyses to determine suitability of proposed vineyard locations. 2) Contracted with a company that owns and operates almond, pistachio, and date farms on the west coast. Developed an ArcGIS Online application to view their current assets and review possible deals. Application allows editing, query, print, drawing, and other tools. Layers that were created but not limited to were chill portions, yield data, and unlevered cost of production.

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