Cam C.
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3D Vision, Graphics and Generative AI. NASA / Harvard CS

Former NASA engineer and honors graduate of Harvard's CS department here to help you create your generative AI, real-time 3D graphics, machine learning, or computer vision application in the simplest, most cost-effective and efficient manner possible. I primarily consult to busy entrepreneurs, researchers and new ventures, and will work with you directly to define your requirements, choose optimal technologies, establish deadlines, and then develop the code to your specifications, all with minimal oversight and time-investment on your part. Take your project quickly from start to finish, working one-on-one with an established specialist with a dedicated and professional work ethic, reputable credentials, a top-tier educational background, and a roster of happy clients. Get your project done right, the first time. --- Service Description End-to-end software application development, with a focus on deep learning and computer vision applications, generative AI, networked and/or interactive real-time 3D graphics, general machine learning, multi-way videoconferencing, and GPU performance optimization (HPC / GPGPU). Linux / Windows / Android Feel free to contact me directly at 'camc at terescape dot com' --- Skills: deep learning, computer vision, GANs, GNNs, machine learning, CUDA, WebGL2, OpenGL, C++, Dlib, openCV, 3D, image processing, OpenGL ES, WebGL, WebRTC, JavaScript, algorithms, Java, Android, Kinect, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), optimization, DirectCompute, DirectX, shaders, HLSL, GLSL, Python, TensorFlow, PyTorch, AI, artificial intelligence, NFT, generative NFT, NeRF, synthetic data, Stable Diffusion, ControlNet ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ for SEO (my apologies): Graph Neural Networks, Graph Neural Network, GNN, GNNs, GNN's, Generative Adversarial Network, Generative Adversarial Networks, GAN, GANs, GAN's, NeRF, Neural Radiance Field, A.I., shader, AWS, GIS, WebGL 2, WebGL2.0, WebGL 2.0, threejs, 3D Vision, CV, realtime, real-time, realtime 3D graphics, real-time 3D graphics, synthetic data


  • PyTorch
  • TensorFlow
  • Machine Learning Model
  • Python
  • Generative Model
  • WebGL
  • NFT