Mykhailo Z.

Front-end Engineer: Angular | Vue.js

I am proficient in front-end web development, specializing in frontend technologies such as Angular and Vue.js. I have successfully rewritten and developed applications for analyzing and auditing advertising campaigns, showcasing expertise in designing and implementing dynamic user interfaces with features like tables, graphs, modal windows, and input forms. On the backend, I have experience developing API servers using Python to support frontend operations, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of building robust backend systems to complement frontend functionalities. My skill set encompasses: - Frontend Development: Angular (including Angular 17), Vue.js, JavaScript, HTML, CSS/Sass - Backend Development: Python, API development - Database Management: Familiarity with databases used in web development - Project Management: Experience in project planning, execution, and teamwork - Problem-Solving: Ability to identify and solve complex technical challenges - Adaptability: Demonstrated capability to learn and apply new technologies effectively I am passionate about leveraging technology to create innovative solutions and thrive in collaborative environments that encourage continuous learning and growth.


  • Angular
  • Vue.js
  • Python
  • FastAPI
  • RxJS
  • TypeScript
  • Sass