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Senior Sales Copywriter | Brand Identity | Voice & Tone Guidelines

🥇Scouted for “Expert-Vetted” status by Upwork—Top 1% of Copywriting Talent!🏆 Here's my spiel: Does your brand need a voice?🎤 Cool, watch me flex: Born and bred, I’m a copywriting chameleon, hardwired to wear your brand’s persona like a second skin—a creative screen that filters my every sentence, sound and syllable. The goal? To get your customers to act! Formally-trained with my B.A. in English and 15 years of marketing experience, I’m known for creating high-converting copy for brands including Kraft Heinz, Tiffany & Co. Perfume and SheaMoisture.🔥🔥🔥 Will your brand be next? Hire me to solve your challenges! __________________________________ 💚🍎 HOW I SERVE YOU 🍎💚 Your goals are my goals. When you're my client, we're a team. Period. Versed in Psychology, Semiotics and Language Arts, I’m a linguistic puppet master who toys with the cerebral power of words. My goal? To convince your readers to ACT—to sway their emotions and spark their desires. Hence, you’ll see clicks, conversions and sales. Case closed.😉 Sooooooooo, ready to convert your window shoppers into buyers?!!! It starts with knowing human nature. What do they crave? Safety? Status? Sexy times?!!! Whatever the dangling carrot, I’ll press the right neural buttons! Let’s get your CUSTOMERS TO ACT! And that, my friends, is the crux of my copy—my clever, crisp, calculated, conversion-crunching copy….(Ahhhhhhh, literary gasm)….✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️✏️ K, weird. Moving on. __________________________________ 💚🍎 MY PHILOSOPHY🍎💚 Let's ask THE BIG question here: What makes a great copywriter? Hint: it's not just about being a good wordsmith—they’re as common as lint in your belly button...pigeons on a sidewalk?? Erm, analogies aside, here's what I'm saying: a great copywriter is a critical thinker.⭐️ They can command the nuances of voice, tone and customer psychology in every single syllable! And of course, they must be CREATIVE!!! 🌈 They must season their copy with a zesty angle that’s worthy of devouring. 😄👌 __________________________________ 💚🍎 RESULTS-DRIVEN CONTENT🍎💚 I’ll make your brokerage firm sound like you’re schmoozing with Jordan Belfort at the Top of the Sixes🍸, revved up by the high of fresh returns and vermouth on your breath. I’ll make your organic Canola Oil company feel like you’re kickin’ back with John Deere🚜, snackin’ on farm-fresh seeds, amid the grass-scented morning dew. I’ll make your insurance company look like you’re the 😇Oprah😇 of damage control—but like, you know, in a believable on-brand sort of way… __________________________________ 💚🍎 A BIT ABOUT ME 🍎💚 As an academic and artist, I’m a serious professional who provides the best of both worlds: technical accuracy and creativity. I have my B.A. in English , B.A. in Art History and B.Ed in Education--along with my OCT qualification (Ontario Certified Teacher) for Language Arts.👩‍🎓 Outside of branding, when I'm not milking my creativity to its last drop, I enjoy the following pursuits: mindlessly scrolling through Netflix, food-sampling at Costco and complaining about the need for more House of Dragon episodes. 🔥 __________________________________ 💚🍎MY SERVICES🍎💚 ✅ Website copywriting/ website copy ✅Product descriptions ✅ Landing page & direct response copywriting ✅ Website copywriting: Website copy, about us page, copywriting, landing page, brand story, sales copy, website copywriting ✅ Brand strategy: Brand story, brand guidelines, brand positioning and brand development, voice & tone guidelines, brand identity & guidelines, branding ✅ Brand naming: Business name & slogan, business name ❤️My TOP Niches: Beauty, clean beauty, cosmetics, natural cosmetics, vegan, anti-aging, skincare, makeup, health, K-beauty, wellness, grooming, hair care, fragrances, perfume, pharmaceuticals, med spa, supplements, cosmeceuticals, sustainability, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, organic cosmetics, fashion, sustainable fashion, lounge wear, swim wear, street wear, luxury, handbags, accessories, style, dating, romance, lifestyle, brides, bridal, weddings ❤️My Secondary Niches: IT companies, software technology, coaching, education, leadership, entertainment industry (adult content, DJs, corporate events), food, dentistry, corporate bios, insurance ❤️Niches in which I have some experience: Real estate investment, law firm, lawyer bios, cyber security, sports equipment, ⭐️ DON'T SEE YOUR NICHE HERE? Reach out regardless!

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  • Website Copy
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Sales Copywriting
  • Sales Copy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Direct Response Copywriting
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Get started working with Rachel quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Rachel quickly with these predefined projects.

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Endorsements from past clients

"Don’t hesitate to hire Rachel 👉🏼 Seriously! Not only is she a super talented writer (word genius is more like it), her communication skills and turnaround time are on point! 👌🏼 The finished product was everything I was hoping for (and a little bit more!) 👏🏼 I really wanted to share my experience because quality work is so hard to come by these days. Thank you Rachel for going above and BEYOND my expectations!! 👊🏼💥 I look forward to working with you again in the future. "

Donnna D. | Director
Landing Page May 2023


"I hired Rachel because I needed a very niche expert in developing brand guidelines for our dog grooming sets. My partner and I knew we had amazing products but they were basically “blank slates” because we had no clue how to market them or how to instruct our graphic designer. For us, Rachel was this bridge! Her ability to develop a whole identity around our products was uncanny! Her ability to think abstractly and creatively turned our dog grooming “stuff” into a whole lifestyle around luxury urban dog ownership. Our Amazon sales nearly doubled that year, especially because we were able to get a designer to make killer visuals based on Rachel’s new direction. Not only do we recommend her because of her talent, but she’s a sweet and down-to-earth person who cared about our needs. "

Arthur R. | Director
May 2023


"Rachel was hired to develop branding guidelines and tone of voice documentation for our brand. The results were amazing and she really went above and beyond, diving into a completely new culture and immersing herself into a language she had never seen before, from across the globe. I can't speak highly enough of her work ethic, diligence and communication skills. I look forward to working with her again soon! Thanks again, Rachel. "

Tanya G. | Company Owner
Brand Strategy May 2023


"I have worked with Rachel on creative copy for a beauty product to launch the brand with. Rachel took genuine interest in project and we both agreed that it would be best to work from ground up by writing branding guidelines first. She impressed me with her knowledgable in cosmetics, French language and awareness of the current trends. Branding guidelines helped us identify the voice of the brand. Her exceptional ideas added extra layers to the brand and made it sound much stronger and interesting. Her evocative and creative writing perfectly reflected the guidelines and final copy for the product was exactly what i was looking for- unique! It was a pleasure to work with Rachel both personally and professionally. "

Olia G. | Director of content & business owner
Brand strategy May 2023


"Rachel is a great example of a writer who understands the lens from a consumer POV and marrying it with your brand. We had such a great collaboration with our project and absolutely adored her work! At the State of Harmony, we would absolutely recommend her for any future writing needs."

Tanya I. | Director of marketing
Web copy May 2023