Richard A.
BirminghamUnited Kingdom

Experienced Customer Care Specialist

Are you seeking a skilled professional to join your team and provide exceptional customer service? Look no further! With my expertise and dedication, I am ready to contribute to your team's success. As an experienced customer service representative with over 5 years experience, I have honed my skills in delivering top-notch support and building strong relationships with customers. Whether it's handling inquiries, resolving issues, or providing proactive assistance, I am committed to ensuring customer satisfaction at every interaction. and fully committed to following company procedures and winning loyal customers. SOME OF MY SERVICES INCLUDES;  Responding to customer inquiries, via calls, emails, live chats and video calls.  Actively listen, troubleshoot and resolve customer complaints.  Process orders and transactions.  Deliver information about a company's products and services  Collect and analyze customer feedback.  Maintain accurate customer records.  Collaborate with internal departments to resolve customer complaints  Meet performance targets, exceeding customer satisfaction ratings, and achieving sales goals. Over the years, I have used CRM software and tools to analyze issues, report data, communicate and collaborate with customers and team members, or solve and resolve problems.  Salesforce  Microsoft Dynamics  Userpilot  Slack Thank you so much for visiting my profile. Feel free to message me If you have any questions below, I'm more than happy to discuss your project in detail. I look forward to the possibility of working together.