Steve B.
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Google Ads PPC Development, Optimization, Management Expert

Want excellent Google Ads campaigns? I do Google Ads right. My rating feedback from 18,000 hours of project work has been pinned at 96-100% Job Success Score (JSS) for 7 years. 43% of my Upwork clients taken on since 2016 return to utilize my services in some capacity periodically or on a continuing basis. Since 2022-23, Google and Microsoft Ads have made changes, causing many small—to medium-scale campaigns to struggle. I've spent untold hours developing ways to overcome these obstacles, with a good deal of success. Since 2021, I've been climbing the learning curve of the complex "Optmyzr" PPC automation platform. This expertly-engineered, costly and complex platform, built by top ex-Google engineers, is an expertly specialized form of AI that sets on top Google Ads PPC automation. It can scan for any possible issue or irregularity within your campaigns, among many other capabilities. I can push each Google campaign type to its natural limits, maximizing performance for lead generation and eCommerce accounts. I spare no effort to create and optimize campaigns that generate significant returns for my clients. I can also diagnose conversion rate and quality issues by applying "conversion rate optimization" (CRO) principles to your site's traffic. If you're having issues with the quality or volume of conversions, I can likely explain why. I use GA4, heat mapping tools (Hotjar, Lucky Orange and others), and "conversion rate optimization" principles to understand what happens with user traffic after it reaches your website. I've developed detailed systematic workflows for crafting each type of PPC campaign to suit your business needs: search, pmax, display, video, and shopping. I develop Display ads with Photoshop image ad creatives comparable to those from Fortune 500 ad agencies. Your Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising campaigns should deliver significant, material, and measurable returns to your business. Do you have a good understanding of that in financial terms, including timely, readable reports? Have changes from Google & Microsoft driven CPAs up and volume down? Over the past 12 to 18 months, Google and Microsoft Ads have made changes, causing many small—to medium-scale campaigns to struggle. I've put untold hours into developing ways to overcome these obstacles. So, if your campaigns aren't performing like they used to, get in touch, and I'll take a look! I bring 20 years of experience with: ✅ Google & MSFT search ad campaigns ✅ Google PMax campaigns ✅ Google & MSFT Shopping campaigns ✅ Google & MSFT DIsplay Ad campaigns ✅ Google Video Campaigns for YouTube I practice excellent conversion tracking implementation, using Google Ads, Google Analytics 4 (GA4), Google Tag Manager, Javascript when needed, UET on Bing, CallTracking Metrics connectors, and Google / Looker Data Studio to track 100% of conversion activity. Conversion data and metadata are of paramount importance as they are the "fuel" for automated bidding performance. After launching and optimizing your campaigns, I lease some of the best PPC campaign monitoring, alert, optimization, and reporting software available, in addition to the Optmyzr platform. This ensures campaigns continue to improve for a modest monthly cost that pays for itself. I maintain all available Google and Microsoft PPC and Web Analytics certifications, re-testing annually on each type of campaign: search, display, shopping, video, and display campaigns. If your campaigns aren't performing like they used to, get in touch! I look forward to discussing how I may be able to help you get more out of paid search advertising!

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  • Text Ad
  • Google Display Network
  • Google Marketing Platform
  • Microsoft Ads
  • PPC Campaign Setup & Management
  • Campaign Reporting
  • Search Engine Marketing


Endorsements from past clients

"We've been working with Steve since 2016 and he has always been top tier. Before meeting Steve, we had worked with several other Google Ads specialists and were more just button pushers. Steve and his team are true Google Ads experts with deep knowledge in how to run wildly profitable campaigns. Whether you're running 5-figure or 6-figure/month campaigns you can trust that Steve knows exactly what he's doing better than Google. With all the present changes happening I can think of no one better to manage your campaign. Steve also has deep roots in Silicon Valley, so working with him you're getting far more than a Google Ads wizard, you're getting one of the best in the industry. HIRE HIM NOW!"

Jamie G. | CEO
Best Legal Choice Jul 2022


"Blastoff Labs is an exceptional paid search project team, capable of handling large-scale projects with corporate-level sophistication. Their results in our account were incredible, and Steve's team operates with a dedication unlike any of the agencies we've worked with. I highly recommend Blastoff and appreciate their hard work. Cody K. President / Unique Way Of Life"

Jacob K. | President
Sporting Goods Feb 2021