Mukul G.

Business Strategy Coach - Streamline Operations & Boost Efficiency

I have a total of 10+ years of experience in strategy and management consulting. I have helped multiple organizations with diversified industries in the area of Sales, systems & Processes, HR, and market research. My clients have been from FMCG, Jewelry, Manufacturing, Service-based companies, Chemicals, etc. My unique approach is not just on Strategy but also on the execution of the complete plan. To exemplify, during our sales consulting, the assignments are not limited to creating a plan but going along with the team to achieve the desired numbers. Likewise while streamlining systems and processes, our work starts from bottom to top ie. shop floor to the boardroom, unlike mainstream organizations. I am a Management Consultant and a co-founder of Stratefix consulting. I am a Lean Six Sigma certified and a post-graduate from TISS. Over the years, as a management consultant, I have acquired skills to acquire, deliver, and retain clients in the startup industry to mid-size organizations, turn over 50 Million dollars. With a team of 20+ consultants, Stratefix leads the management consulting industry in Surat and South Gujarat. At Stratefix Consulting, we look for organizations ( Startup to Experienced) that wants to 1. Grow Sales (TopLine) - Market penetration in existing products and new product launches 2. Optimise Cost (Bottom Line) - Manpower mapping, Fixed and Variable cost streamlining 3. Create Systems and Processes - Re-engineering the processes in Manufacturing as well as Service-based industries 4. Conducting Primary Market research for product and idea validation as well as gaining consumer insights 5. Setting Strategic HR department - Introducing performance management, clear roles and responsibilities, and compensation and benefits. 6. Implementing ERP, Sales, and HR Softwares 7. Executive hiring - Sourcing, screening, identifying, and placing Middle as well as Top management To reach out please feel free to reach out at or drop in at our office for a cup of coffee.
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  • Business Operations
  • Market Analysis
  • HR & Business Services
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Presentation
  • Candidate Interview Consulting
  • Sales Consulting
  • Sales Strategy
  • Recruiting Process Consulting

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Get started working with Mukul quickly with these predefined projects.

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