Vipul B.

Software Developer

PROJECTS Developed Telefonica application using Angular for 1.5 years, leading the design and implementation of robust front-end architectures. My responsibilities included creating responsive and user-friendly interfaces that enhanced the overall performance. As a developer on the Ran Power Sharing project for a 3-month duration, employed Angular and the ECharts library for effective graph visualization. Also constructed the underlying logic governing the functionality of cells. Contributed to the application for 1.5 years, utilizing Angular and Firebase for database management, and implementing Google Cloud Functions in NodeJs. Developed the ChatBot application using Angular, Firebase, and Dialogflow for a 4 month duration. Played a crucial role in designing and maintaining the chatbot for a doctor's website, focusing on assisting users with service information, appointment scheduling, and addressing inquiries effectively. During a 2 month duration, designed the Campaign application using Angular, Firebase and Google Cloud Functions in NodeJs. Contributed to the implementation and optimization of the automated messaging system, focusing on coding and maintaining logic for proactive patient reminders, notifications on outstanding dues, personalized birthday wishes, and more.


  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Angular
  • Selenium
  • Flutter
  • Problem Solving
  • SCSS