Ronald B.

Certified HubSpot Expert | CRM Implementation and Configuration

Overview: Life as a small early-stage company can be complex and challenging - This is where I specialize. My extensive experience scaling small companies through digital marketing, sales strategy, and in-depth market research is just what you need to get your company noticed on a larger scale. My experience leading the early Marketing and Business Development team at a digital health startup provides a comprehensive overview of HubSpot, from the initial setup to advanced automation workflow features. CEO & Founder of HubSpot Admin Diamond Partner Agency, FlyWheel Consultancy. Services: - CRM Migration to HubSpot: Looking to switch CRMs? Streamline this process and save countless hours of manually cleaning data without losing quality information regarding your leads. - Sales/Marketing Lifecycle Development: Identify key metrics and lifecycle stages to simplify your SQL and MQL Processes. We walk through lead and sales stages together, providing me insight into your specific sales cycle, including definitions for each stage, qualifiers, how to customize stages per product, etc. - List Import Assistance: Import lists and map all contact information to the correct fields. Ensure your various contact lists are formatted correctly and imported without sales disruption. - Workflow Automation: Create automation workflows for marketing efforts and sales processes. Consult with sales teams to identify “time-wasters” in the process and allow us to cut down on these menial tasks for sales, marketing, web traffic, etc. - Reporting/Dashboard Analytics: Utilize data analytics within the HubSpot platform to monitor sales and marketing efforts. - Integration Services: Integrate existing platforms and services into your sales and marketing cycles. - ChatBot Development: Connect with your clients directly from your website through automated chat flows or directly via live chat built into your HubSpot workflow. - HubSpot Training & Onboarding: Provide 1-Hour virtual training sessions for Sales & Marketing teams to maximize their HubSpot utilization. Review full-suite of features, including Contacts/Companies linking, Target Accounts, Deal Stages, Task Reminders, Intro to Reporting/Dashboards, etc. About Me: Born and raised in the New England region of the United States, I am a native English speaker with fluency in Spanish. I hold a Bachelor's of Science in Biochemistry from the University of Denver, where I then pursued a career in digital healthcare for a seed-funded startup. My specialties include the full stack of sales and marketing automation through HubSpot's suite of services. Get in Touch: If you would like to inquire about a project, please reach out via my profile!
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Endorsements from past clients

"If you are looking for someone who can do it all when it comes to Sales, Marketing, and Business Development, Ronald comes highly recommended I worked with Ron building a highly successful integrated sales and marketing strategy through in-depth web design, SEO, and inbound + outbound lead generation methods. Ronald is also an expert with CRM software and will help you expand your capabilitIes through an existing CRM or help you from scratch. He built us an automated chatbot on our website that has been a driving factor for lead generation and customer engagement. His knowledge of technology and software helped us consolidate our sales and marketing efforts and implement data-driven decision making into our every day process. Great experience. Can’t go wrong. "

Jeffrey M. | Digital Marketing Director
Digital Marketing & SEO Aug 2020