Max M.
73% Job Success

Google Sheets & Apps Script

With 17+ years as an Accounting Systems Expert, I specialize in precisely integrating Google Workspace tools, focusing on Google Sheets. Here's how I can bring value to your project: 1. Continued Support: My responsibility doesn't end with the project. I provide extended support to ensure everything runs seamlessly. 2. Milestone Management: I meticulously plan, track, and meet project milestones to ensure timely completion. 3. User-Friendly Sheets: I promise accuracy, reliability, and simplicity in the spreadsheets I create. 4. Speedy Delivery: I balance efficiency and quality to meet deadlines every time. Some achievements that underline my skills: * Google Innovator Champion (2022-2023) * StackOverflow Gold (Sheets) * Features in Sheets Gauntlet * Expert in Google Apps Script * Community leaders featured my publications: Martin Hawksey, Ben Collins I offer continued support, manage your project milestones meticulously, deliver on time, and create accurate and user-friendly sheets. My ultimate goal? To make Google Sheets popular and tasks automated. Let's team up and create magic!


  • MySQL Programming
  • Google Sheets
  • Looker Studio
  • Business with 1-9 Employees
  • Google Docs
  • API Integration
  • Google Apps Script