Arsalan P.
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Senior Backend Developer

Hello, I am Arsalan. A passionate and enthusiastic software developer with 8+ years of experience in the industry. I love new challenges and projects that help me invest all my skills and experience into succeeding in them. My educational background possesses a master's degree in software programming. I have done a lot of industry-based projects that resulted in gaining lots of responses and fame. My tech skills include: OS: --Linux, Windows VM: --VMware workstation, VMware Vsphear Esxi bare metal, Hypervisor, VirtualBox Languages: --C, C++, Python, GCC, bash scripting, PHP, HTML, js, jquery, CSS, Laravel, Codeigniter, WordPress, Django, EasyPHP System Programming --forks, threads, system calls, polling and e-polling --custom shell client/server chat application with real-time encryption/decryption Databases: --mysql, mysql lite, MongoDB, Postgres, Elasticsearch Web Scraping: --Olx, Linkedin, twitter,, shopping and e-commerce sites, and many others Web Designing: --Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, photopea, GIMP Network Programming: --TcpProxy development with real-time authorization --HTTP Cache and Proxy development --OS Fingerprint Proxy development --Man-in-the-Middle Proxy development to extract desired data from live web traffic --SIP events monitoring/recording from live network traffic --Centralized logs/devices monitoring system over the network Packet processing: --LibNFQUEUE, Packet Mangling and Processing from Layer 2-7 --Scapy library, DPDK, TCPdump, sniffex.c, TCP/IP stack development, DPI, Protocols filtration Cyber-security: --Firewalls, IDPS (snort, Suricata), Antivirus (ClamAV), Network Proxies (squid) Email Security: --Zimbra, Proxmox Web development: --hosting, migration, full-stack development --dashboards and monitoring solutions --Bulk CV database search engine Open-Source: --many open source software installations, configuration, and deployment on live setups --Modifying open-source codes, such as apache2 and squid, according to the needs Data-Science: --Data extracting, parsing, co-relation, analysis, visibility. Data/files/databases handling. IDE: --VIM, Sublime, notepad++, vs code, phpstorm, pycharm, clion, spyder Academic Writing: Cyber attack and defense writing Essentials: --git, Github, agile development, slack I can solve problems analytically and face any complex situation with a motive to fix it and real vividness. Also, I handle customers in a friendly manner keeping myself professional. So, I guarantee my enthusiasm for work and fulfilling my project with inexpressible efforts. Try me and you don't have to regret it. Thank you

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  • C Shell
  • Back-End Development
  • Operating System
  • Client-Server Framework
  • Linux