Steve L.

(Trade Show) Videographer from Munich / Germany

More Information on my Website: After working for GoPro (actioncam manufacturer), I started my own business as a videographer. Since then I have designed, produced and edited digital content for clients from various industries. Lately, I've been working a lot at various trade shows in Germany as a trade show videographer. There I created videos of my clients trade show appearances. In addition to a final aftermovie, I also create short highlight snippets during the fair that can be shared directly on social media. In addition, my focus has been very much directed towards all social media areas. Mainly by building various YouTube channels for athletes, personalities and companies, as well as my own YouTube channel. I've also become very specialized in evaluating video KPIs / video metrics to optimize the content I create. I see myself as a kind of "ready-to-shoot" digital content creator who is passionate about creating exciting videos. To give my videos that certain something, I have used the last few years to professionalize myself in the world of "drone flying" and am now a very safe FPV drone pilot (First-Person-View) with A2 license (EU Remote Pilot Certificate) and thus authorized for commercial use. I have been building my mentioned YouTube channel for a good 4 years and now have over 160k subscribers and over 10 million video views. (YouTube @Steve Long)
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  • Video Production
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  • Music & Sound Design
  • Video Design
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Storytelling
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