Volodymyr G.

2D Motion design | Animated GIF | Logo animation I AI artist

👋🏼 Hi, I'm a seasoned professional specializing in motion design and AI graphics. My proficiency extends to a wide range of tools and technologies, including a thorough understanding of: ✔️ Adobe After Effects. ✔️ Adobe Illustrator. ✔️ Adobe Photoshop. ✔️ Corel Draw. ✔️ AI video and images generation tools: Midjourney, Pica Labs, Runway ML, Genmo, Veed.io, Civiai, SDXL, Jaggernaut XL ✔️ Webflow. ✔️ Figma. ✔️ HTML/CSS. ✔️ Adobe PDF. ✔️ MS Powerpoint I can offer to the clients: ✅ Logo Animation. ✅ AI animation and high-quality image creation. ✅ Animated GIF. ✅ Animation of text and graphics. ✅ Lottie animation. ✅ Explainer videos. ✅ Social media content ✅ Motion graphics for a variety of applications. ✅ Video Editing ✅ Integration of custom 2D illustrations into animations for a unique and branded look. 😊 Attention to Details. 😊 Regular communication. 😊 Client satisfaction. 👍 I am dedicated to bringing your visions to life with a blend of creativity and technical finesse. My goal is not just to meet expectations but to exceed them by delivering high-quality, tailored solutions that resonate with your audience. Let's collaborate and create something exceptional together.

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