Serhii C.
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Full-stack developer / Data scientist

I'm DSc in Engineering and a post-doctoral researcher in the field of computer-aided engineering. My professional duties include design and development of software, processing of big data, analysis of the acquired data, and documenting the outcomes of research. I have strong experience with C/C++ programming using Qt for GUI. I have developed few CAD/CAE projects from scratch and I maintain these projects. These projects were funded by Yuzhnoye State Design Office. Hence, I also have experience with space structures simulation. In these projects, I employ Python and machine learning for prediction. You could find my projects at the linked github profile. I also have experience in web development. I developed Wordpress, Drupal and Yii sites. I maintain a big site of the real estate agency that implemented using Drupal 7. Apart from general skills in computer-aided engineering, the strongest of my qualifications are programming skills in: ▪ object-oriented design with patterns; ▪ software development with C++, C#, Java, Python (Django, Flask, Celery, numpy, scipy, matplotlib, Keras, Pandas, OpenCV); ▪ REST API development; ▪ parallel software development with OpenMP, MPI, OpenCL; ▪ machine learning models development with Python (sklean, Keras, Pandas, numpy) and Matlab (PoC models); ▪ web scraping with Python (scrapy) and C# (Selenium); ▪ platform-independent UI programming with Qt library; ▪ data manipulation with Mysql, Sqlite, json, xml, MongoDB, Redis, SOAP; ▪ source code versioning with Git; ▪ virtualization and containerization with Docker and Virtualbox; ▪ software deployment at remote servers (Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Floydhub); ▪ embedded devices programming (Arduino, NVIDIA Jetson Nano); ▪ Java-servers development (SOA + json); ▪ web development with Drupal (custom themes and modules, administration); ▪ assembler development with nasm and GAS; ▪ proficient user of Windows and Linux-based operating systems.
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  • Python
  • NumPy
  • PyTorch
  • Database
  • Agile Software Development
  • Qt Framework