Esther P.

Esther P.

Rising Talent

Creative Copywriter | Writing that actually sounds like you

Good writing doesn't come easily. Unique writing requires real relationships. If you want copy that speaks to your audience, authentically shows who your company is, and gains traction producing sales, let me write for you. My work takes three easy steps: First, who are you? Your voice is my priority. I want to know why you care about your company, and why your clients should listen. Next, who is your audience? Different copy speaks to different people. By seeing who you are selling to- the needs, desires, and personalities of those individuals- I am able to tailor my writing to fit them. Last, I actually do the writing. With those two steps under my belt, I can write you flawless copy that brings meaning into every word. ------------------------------- I aim to develop long-lasting relationships with my clients in order to understand the mission and vision of your company. Through this method, I am able to provide you with in-depth copy that speaks to your specific audience. With my background in research and strategic communication, I offer various services whether that be blog posts, long form articles, audience research, email writing, or social media marketing.
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  • Copywriting
  • Audience Research
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