Eduard N.

Senior Tableau Developer | Head of BI

• As the Head of Business Intelligence, former BI Team Lead and Senior Tableau Developer, I have a strong background in building BI from scratch in various organizations. My experience includes making Tableau a key tool for analysis and leading BI projects as a unified product. I've played a key role in setting up Tableau Server, improving BI processes, managing teams, creating style guides, designing hundreds of dashboards, and tracking Tableau's success within organizations. • In my current role, I've done more than manage projects; I've also been a mentor and technical leader for teams of up to 10 analysts. I've led technical interviews, sprint planning, and helped team members grow professionally. My work covers all areas of BI Product Ownership, from talking with clients and collecting requirements to making mockups, reports, and teaching clients, with a hands-on approach throughout. • I'm highly skilled in Tableau Desktop and Server, SQL (SSMS, PostgreSQL, Clickhouse, MySQL), and have a strong sense of design and data visualization, making dashboards that are both clear and detailed. • I've used Python to automate Tableau Adoption reports, using API integrations, web scraping, and data transformation for Tableau Cloud projects. I've also worked with Tableau's PostgreSQL Repository and metadata for both cloud and on-premise setups. Additionally, I've got experience with Power BI and Holistics BI. • I'm passionate about sharing knowledge and engaging with the community, shown by my involvement in webinars and lectures. I've created and launched a Tableau Upskilling course, mentored junior BI analysts, and contributed to educational programs as an author and lecturer, all to help nurture new BI talent. • Experienced in a diverse range of sectors including aviation & airlines, HoReCa, gamedev & iGaming, sales, marketing & finance, forex & cryptocurrency, HR, IT, accounting, healthcare & pharmaceuticals.

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  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Tableau
  • SQL
  • Data Analysis Expressions
  • Power Query