Azaan A.
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Cloud Networking Professional

Cloud Engineer to assist in the networking and configuration of applications, networks, and classic loadbalancers, as well as the configuration of Cloudwatch and custom metrics, as well as the use of metric math to create a single time series metric and composite alarms. Exporting and importing log files, as well as troubleshooting. My Fixed and Hourly Rates VPC Setup/Peering/Routing/Internet/Security : $300/one time OR $75/hour EC2 Related Issues Launch/Image/UserData/Billing Guidance : $65/onetime OR $35/hour CloudWatch Alarms/Notification/Metrics : $65/onetime OR $40/hour CloudWatch Custom Metrics/Metric Math : $85/onetime OR $40/hour CloudWatch Agent Setup and Fix Issues : $75/onetime OR $40/hour CloudWatch Logs Shipping/Export/Import : $85/onetime OR $40/hour CloudWatch Dashboard/Metric/Alarms Cross Account Sharing : $75/onetime OR $40/hour EC2 Metrics Collection and Alarm Creation : $65/onetime OR $40/hour Customise Alarm Notifications: $85/onetime OR $40/hour EventBridge Rules Setup and Pattern : $85/onetime OR $40/hour EventBridge Schedulers : $85/onetime OR $40/hour Autoscaling Setup with Polices : $95/onetime OR $45/hour Autoscaling Launch Templets Setup : $55/onetime OR $35/hour IAM Roles/Policies creation and Fix Any issues : $65/onetime OR $40/hour S3 Bucket Permissions and Fix any Permissions Issues: $75/onetime OR $40/hour Elastic Load-balancing Setup ALB/NLB/CLB : $95/onetime OR $40/hour ALB redirection rules setup : $95/onetime OR $45/hour Multiple ALBs in Chain setup and Fix issues : $120/onetime OR $45/hour ALB behind NLB or NLB behind ALB Setup and Fix any issues : $120/onetime OR $55/hour Cognito Authentication through ALB : $240/onetime OR $45/hour WAF Setup and rules creations : $190/onetime OR $45/hour WAF verifications and Troubleshooting : $190/onetime OR $45/hour DDOS Mitigation Setup and Guidance : $100/onetime OR $45/hour ALB WebSocket/GRPC SetupTesting:$120/onetime OR $55/hour ACM SSL Certificate Creation and Attach to Load balancers : $45/onetime OR $30/hour Route53 Configurations and Traffic Routes : $65/onetime OR $35/hour ALB Access Log verifications and Finding Root cause : $120/onetime OR $45/hour ALB Access Logs Bucket Permissions: $105/onetime OR $45/hour Setup Lambda to Logout user from application (Cognito): $175/onetime OR $45/hour Inbound Internet passing through ALB/NLB/CLB and AWS Firewall : $220/onetime OR $55/hour Fix Instances in Private Subnet Internet Issues : $60/onetime OR $35/hour Public access to EC2 Instances : $45/onetime OR $30/hour IAM Roles and Policies: $95/onetime OR $45/hour S3 Bucket Permissions: $85/onetime OR $45/hour Lambda Codes Creation : $300/onetime OR $65/hour Lambda setup as Target of ALB: $120/onetime OR $45/hour Private Integration through NLB and API Gateway : $110/onetime OR $45/hour CloudFront Setup for content Delivery : $115/onetime OR $45/hour Global Accelerator Setup through ALB: 95/onetime OR $45/hour Centralised Inspection VPC Creation with AWS Network Firewall : $225/onetime OR $65/hour Centralised Traffic inspection using Gateway Loadbalancer and Third-Party Firewalls : $300/onetime OR $65/hour SQS and SNS related issues : $55/onetime OR $35/hour Attend any Major migration activities or Joint Troubleshooting Sessions : $300/onetime OR $65/hour AWS Network Firewall setup and troubleshooting to fix any issues : $250/onetime OR $65/hour gRPC using ALB/NLB Setup: $250/onetime OR $65/hour
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