Bei C.
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Computer Graphics and Vision Engineer

I'm 29 years old with 7 years of working experience. I have a Master's degree in Computer Science. I have rich experience developing CV and CG algorithms and applications. I specialize in multi-view stereo, and am also familiar with image processing, classification, object detection and tracking methods and libraries. I have sound knowledge in the rendering pipeline and common CG techniques. I know OpenGL particularly well and have developed a custom rendering engine upon it, which is being used in commercial products. I’ve finished projects using various programming languages and frameworks, including C++ 17, Python, Rust, Golang, JavaScript, OpenCV, OpenMVG, Boost, three.js, TensorFlow. I also have practical experience using C#, Unity3D, Vue.js, Node.js, Flask, Django, MongoDB and CouchDB. I’m currently leading a team of eight members, focused on developing lightfield reconstruction and rendering applications, while I work on the core algorithms. I’m also responsible for recruiting new engineers. As of working on Upwork, I've finished several projects including scripting, machine learning, computer vision, algorithm development, backend programming and game programming. Upwork has honored me as top rated because of the excellent outcomes of my work. I'm the one you are looking for if you need quick response and high quality work.


  • Python
  • Machine Learning
  • Image Processing
  • OpenGL
  • Three.js