Hau N.
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Senior Full Stack Web & Mobile Developer

- If you're like most people - your #1 greatest fear is project failure. Failure will cost you precious money. But, just as costly is the critical time you'll lose which can give your competition an unfair advantage. And if you are looking for an all-in-one developer, an amazing METEOR, REACT or JAVASCRIPT talent? Stop looking, explore here to make an app your users will rave about! - Well educated in Computer Science (BA) and having a solid knowledge of Javascript and good technical background. - Founded Zigvy Corp - a product and outsourcing company focusing on delivery of most elegant web design, responsive, single page, real-time web application, cross platform mobile apps, games and VOIP implementation. Zigvy is a team of design and development professionals who will give your project the love and care it deserves. Moreover, we are an OFFICIAL PARTNER of METEOR (MDG), I've been using Meteor since version 0.8.3. - I've been using lots of programming languages but Javascript is the most flexible language to day powering successful Web, Mobile, and Desktop apps. Products you use every day! - Based on my great reputation on up works, you will feel comfortable that your project will be a success. With more than 7 years experience with Web & Mobile design and development, below is my experiences detail: ==== EXPERIENCES ===== -- 3+ years experience with Meteor.js -- 3+ years experience with React.js and Redux -- 7+ years experience with Javascript (familiar with ES6, ES7, CoffeeScript) -- 6+ years experience with Node.js, Mongo, Express -- 7+ years experience with UI/UX design -- 6+ years experience with CSS (CSS3, SASS, LESS, STYLUS,...) -- Good understanding and experience with most of the CSS framework such as Bootstrap, Ionic, framework7.io, native base, semantic UI,... -- 3 years experience with Angular 1 (Researching angular 2) & backbone -- 4 years experience with PHP frameworks -- 2 years experience with Firebase -- Have experience with WebRTC and familiar with some VOIP API such as Twilio -- Fluent English (5+ years working with the foreign people, 2 years study in WSE (wallstreetenglish.com) one of the biggest English centers in VN and the world). -- Strong understanding of OOP, MVC, Flux -- Good understanding of O-auth 1.0 & 2.0 -- Strong understanding of how to build a scalable and performance product (Load balancing, mongo replica, oplog,..) -- Familiar with task runner such as Glup, Grunt.js. -- Familiar with Git, Agile environment, Galaxy Meteor, NGNIX, APACHE, AWS, Digital Ocean, Ubuntu, Linux, Mac -- Good experience with automation test (Unit test, TDD, BDD, E2E, integration test,...) and pair programming, and continuous integration. -- Available to work anytime, so I can be able to work overlap even in the evening or overnight. ==== PORTFOLIO & PROJECTS ==== - I've done lots of great projects before, let me show you some of this. Below is the link of some of the designs: dropbox.com/sh/7bfcrpamvb6a3v6/AADI3stuJhn0uAncJg8ZHMsPa?dl=0 Below are the links of the previous projects: 1. Official Meteor Website - Design & development: - meteor.com 2. MDshifts (our internal product) - Simple Physician Scheduling Software: - Meteor, React, Cordova - mdshifts.com & app.mdshifts.com 3. Support in your pocket (SIYP) - 110% - A powerful software for the international companies: - Meteor, React, Mantra, Cordova: - Web: Supportinyourpocket.com:3000/login (We build it from scratch) - IOS: See link in the portfolio below - Android: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.meteor.onehunred.siyp 4. LuminPDF - Real-time PDF editor: - Meteor, PDF editor - luminpdf.com 5. BoomFantasy - Real-time sports games: boomfantasy.com/ - Meteor, Cordova, Ionic. 6. Sydegig - Jobs & Gig market: - Meteor, React, Cordova, Framework7.io - sydegig.com 7. Australia Government project - Biosecurity - Community engagement: Redux, React web: ce-integration.biosecurity.dawr.gosource.com.au/ - Ranger App: React native, Redux (IOS app) 8. Telstra - Australia - MeteorJS, React - CMS for broadcasting media content. - Electron, React, Redux - Touchscreen player 9. Radio - R116: This is the most similar to your app and related with the music platform. - r116radio.com 10. Be successful in Project 123 Follow up (USA) - PHP Codeignter, MYSQL, BackboneJS, Handlebar template, MongoDB, RedisDB, NodeJS. 11. Project Noise Pollution (Greece) - MeteorJs, MongoDB. 12. Sensiotec (USA) - SailsJs, MongoDB, D3 Chartjs. 13. Procall Track (USA) - PHP&MYSQL, VOIP - I am used to using Git, Bamboo for continuous integration, continuous deployment, using Cucumberjs, Dalekjs, phantomjs, webdriver.io, jasmine, mocha, shouldjs, mustjs, unitjs to write test. - Feel free to contact me to help you raise your product.
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  • AWS Application
  • PostgreSQL
  • NestJS
  • NodeJS Framework
  • Amazon ECS
  • PSD to HTML
  • React Native

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