Dmitry E.

Web Developer (Senior Frontend | Mid full-stack)

I'm Web Developer with 10+ years experience as a freelancer and employee. Focused on modern web applications, high quality code, app performance and optimisation. I've tried Upwork years ago, but worked mostly directly with companies. Now I'm back to Upwork and looking for an individual contract. I'm experienced at: - Frontend development (Pixel perfect responsive layout, scss, Vue 2|3, Pinia | Store, Vite | Webpack, Nuxt, Vuetify, Svelte, ReactJS + JSX) - Full-stack development (Node, API design and implementation, MongoDB, SQL, Meteor + ReactJS) - Web3 development and architecture (5 years in blockchain experience, DeFi, DApp) - API integrations (Asterisk, shipping services, CRM, Firebase, Google Docs, etc) - Web security - Scripts development for different customer tasks - Git - DevOps - Wordpress ( stack only: roots/bedrock, roots/sage) My strength: - Attention to details, can do pixel perfect layouts and try my best with UI/UX in collaboration with designers - A lot projects in production, worked and supported for years - Experienced Indie-Developer. Can do project from scratch to production, just me. - Experience with high-loaded projects - Experience with App security in fintech sphere My indie projects: - Custom CRM for tow companies, Meteor+React, 2016 - present - Platform for house-keeping, Node+Vue, 2018 -present My education: 1995-2000 Automation engineer 1995-2000 Economist-manager My courses: - TCP/IP stack - Mikrotik - Bash Scripting - Vim - Vue + TypeScript - Svelte - OOP - AWS - Programming paradigms - Algorithms and Data structures
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  • Vue.js
  • SCSS
  • Nuxt.js
  • webpack
  • TypeScript
  • Web3