Tim R.

Tim R.


Native Dutch / Flemish SEO & Content Writer / Copywriter

Hello! I am a former professional poker player (8+ years pro) who has successfully transitioned into affiliate marketing. My career has given me the chance to experience the entire customer lifecycle journey from all aspects of the business. I've been a player (poker & sports betting) A customer service agent (casino) And an SEO manager & Lead generator (2.5 years for sports betting affiliates) Some of my skill set, not limited to the following: - SEO content writing - Creating and executing successful SEO strategies - Managing affiliates and negotiating deals - Optimising landing pages for lead conversions - SEO Audits - Perfect written & spoken English - Native written & spoken Dutch (Nederlands) How will I captivate your readers to engage better with your content? There is no secret, and it's just a matter of adding some flavor and personality to your content. I will combine good research skills with my personal touch of flair to squeeze the most out of any information. What would be the point in writing a highly informative article if no one will actually read through it? I excel in "out of the box" thinking and value creativity over the typical generic content you will find cluttered all over the Internet. If you are looking for someone to bring a unique take on things, I'm your man. Are you still reading this? I think now would be a great time to talk about that project you had in mind, and I would love to hear all about it!
Oct 18, 2021 - Present

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