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With extensive experience in litigation drafting, I have worked on numerous litigations and drafted a range of legal documents including Summons, Complaints, Answers, Motions (related to Personal Injury), Discovery Demands, Notices, and Responses to Various Demands and Notices. I specialize in Complaints related to Personal Injury, Personal Property Insurance, and Bodily Injury Insurance. In addition to this, I am also skilled in drafting legal documents such as Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Medical Summary, Contract Abstraction, and other litigation-related documents. BEST PARALEGAL IN INDIA PARALEGAL I have provided paralegal services to law firms remotely, using my expertise and knowledge to assist them in their legal proceedings. My strong drafting skills, coupled with my attention to detail and legal knowledge, make me a valuable asset to any legal team. Here is a view of services I offer: Utilization Review and Summary of Medical records Medical Chronology Trademark Search and Filing. (Trademark registration) Demand Letters (Insurance claims) Personal Injury Demand letters. Medical Summarization Paralegal Tasks. Drafting Will Packages and Trust documents. Drafting Personal Injury Complaints (Slip and fall) (Medical negligence) (Premises Liability). Handling Different Practice management software like, CaseMap Software, PClaw Software, TimeMatter Software, filevine software and Clio. Legal Research- Lexis Nexis, Case text. Contract Abstraction. Deposition Summary. Remote paralegal Drafting Landlord Tenant Disputes complaints, illegal Rent Increase Complaints. Drafting Interrogatories and Request for production of documents. Deposition Notices Contract Review. Terms and Conditions review Privacy policy drafting US Asylum Applications, I-589 form, G-28 form, U-Visa Application and Parole Determination documents. Document Review Work. E-filing of complaints Immigration law, business immigration: E2 visa applications; DS-160 forms; letters of recommendations. Contract Extraction Contract Annotations Metadata labeling Personal Injury Law Firm UK Insurance Claims- Drafting of Defences, Applications, personal injury claims, accident claims. Consumer Court cases: vehicles defaults, repair order summary. Drafting demand letters in personal injury cases I provide specialized paralegal services that encompass a wide range of legal support functions. My expertise lies in Medical Chronology, where I meticulously compile comprehensive medical records for a clear and concise overview of cases. Additionally, I excel in Trademark Search and Filing, guiding clients through the trademark registration process. I'm adept at crafting Demand Letters for insurance claims and Personal Injury cases, ensuring precise communication of legal demands. My proficiency extends to Medical Summarization for complex healthcare cases. I also undertake various Paralegal Tasks, including drafting Personal Injury Complaints for cases such as Slip and Fall, Medical Negligence, and Premises Liability. I'm well-versed in practice management software like CaseMap, PClaw, TimeMatters, Filevine, and Clio, streamlining legal processes for efficiency and accuracy. With a commitment to excellence, I'm dedicated to supporting your legal needs effectively.

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  • Medical Narration
  • Legal Writing
  • File Documentation
  • Draft Documentation


Endorsements from past clients

"His work and professionalism are both top notch. Responsive and has a great turn around time for his assignments. Highly recommended!"

Jake C. | Esq.
Jul 2023


"I have been working with Jagdeep for over a year now. He is smart, detail oriented, responsive and wonderful to work with. He has a passion for quality and it makes me proud to work with him. I recommend him to anyone looking to be impressed!!"

Jody S. | Attorney
Paralegal May 2021


"Jagdeep has been writing personal injury demands for me for about a year. He is intelligent, well-spoken and extremely quick with turnaround. Many times, I send work at the end of the day and it is ready by morning. I am extremely happy with this hire and I will continue to use him. He is an amazing value. "

Laura S. | Attorney
Paralegal May 2021


"Great worker and very diligent. Helpful and professional. "

Andrew W. | Attorney
Paralegal Jul 2020


"Where do I start with such a fantastic asset to any company. An excellent communicator, hard worker, trustworthy person. Jagdeep is an awesome person and an even better asset to any law firm. Anyone is lucky to stumble across him. He takes direction well, is willing to learn new things, grasps difficult concepts and is an extremely bright person. He is willing to take on any project you put in front of him and will put his whole heart into it. "

Ethen O. | Attorney
Paralegal Mar 2020


"I hired Jagdeep to review documents, draft letters and propound and respond to discovey. He has done an excellent job. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone."

David S. | Attorney
Paralegal Mar 2020


"I hired Jagdeep to work on personal injury demand letters. I was generally satisfied with the value I received. Responsiveness level was excellent."

Gene H. | Attorney
Paralegal Apr 2020