Albert M.

Fullstack Software Engineer (Ruby/React)

Experienced Ruby developer with over 10 years of successful practice in the development of high-performance web applications and microservices. Skills: * Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Roda, Sequel, GraphQL, web sockets, RSpec * Microservices in Ruby, Node.js, Kafka, RabbitMQ, JSON-RPC * Understanding of blockchain technologies, their specifications, experience in writing smart contracts in Solidity, transaction creation, block processing * Real-world experience with fintech products, understanding of security systems, risk management * Application architecture design, finding optimal solutions and compromises * Task decomposition, task distribution, code review, style guide, mentoring * Building and optimizing complex SQL queries, working with indexes, transactions, application of NoSQL databases * Finding and implementing solutions for scaling, fault tolerance * Real-world experience with frontend technologies: React, Next.js, Apollo, SSR, incremental caching, build optimization * Docker, Docker Compose, CI/CD, Gitlab, Hardhat * Understanding of various patterns, approaches, methodologies, security principles, application of best practices * Strong knowledge of computer science: data structures, complexity of algorithms, working with memory * Finding simple solutions to problems, applying unconventional thinking to solve genuinely complex tasks, striving for structure, healthy perfectionism * High discipline, responsibility, communicability, excellent sense of humor * Willingness to take on roles such as senior developer, architect, tech or team lead * Continuous self-development, improvement of hard and soft skills, learning new technologies, functional languages, algorithms * Desire to build cool products and share experiences


  • Next.js
  • PostgreSQL
  • Linux
  • Solidity
  • RSpec

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