Marijana K.
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Licensed Project Architect, Interior Designer, Design Consultant

Hello! In front of you is the professional identity of a passion-driven architect with a successful track record of delivering important and diverse architecture projects. My journey started at the Faculty of Architecture at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje, where I obtained a Masters Degree in Architecture. Not only was I able to acquire all the fundamental technical skills to become an architect, I have also developed my logical and analytical skills as well as a solid critical reasoning approach that allows me to tackle various types of challenges in a structured and organized way. What followed was a state Macedonia-based license in architecture that prompted my experience in leading projects through all phases of building design, documentation, and construction. Hence, I bring remarkable skills in design, technology, sustainability, and management to conceptualize innovative and responsible building design that delivers the highest standards. I am a detailing enthusiast with a zest for building technology and construction. I enjoy working collaboratively on complex projects with multidisciplinary teams, developing creative and sustainable solutions for the client, society, and the environment while engaging in a continuous search for new ways to improve the process and the product. Through my professional acquaintance I was privileged to harness diverse views and opinions to create solutions that foster productivity. For the last five years, I have learned how people-focused my work indeed is. It’s the kind of work that requires creative, interpersonal and technical skills in order to produce a product that is relevant, intuitive, accessible, and useful to actual users. I like to challenge myself, and this attitude has enabled me to grow in a field as constantly changing and shifting as the field of architecture. New challenges sometimes require new solutions, using analytics and even research-backed intuition to optimize project solutions, which I have always offered with a steadfast readiness. I’ll bend over backwards to help others’ dreams come true, but I also understand the importance of standing your ground and holding your own.
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  • Residential Design
  • Sustainability
  • Technical Illustration
  • Technical Project Management
  • Architecture