Binoy S.

Business analysis | Sales Development | Content Creation

I am currently an entrepreneur who develops new products and markets and sells them through various channels. I go through the entire life cycle that includes, product identification, design/formulation competitors, scope, development of the product, packing, packing design, marketing and sales. Have successfully launched new niche products into the Indian market. Time to time I also help my friends who are business owners in launching new ventures and marketing and selling new products. I have worked in various capacities as sales engineer, project sales, COO in India and the Middle East. I have excellent analytical skills. I am highly proficient in English language. My writing skills are top notch. I use AI tools efficiently in my day to do work. I can do Malayalam to English translation skillfully. Communicate for specifics about the work that you need to et done and I will be happy to help.


  • Business
  • International Development
  • Outbound Sales
  • Product Development
  • Sales Development
  • Analytical Presentation
  • Editing & Proofreading
  • Marketing
  • Market Analysis