Burton L.

Expert Designer with Development Skills - UX, UI, Print, Video, Devops

Burton is a smart design entrepreneur with a wide skill set. He is able to grasp complex architecture and use his unique knowledge of all things tech to output efficient, elegant, and useful products across web, print, animation and beyond. If you have to hire just one guy that can do it all, Burton is your guy. Decades as a life learner rewarded Burton with a vast skillset. He excels in web design, web development, UX, UI, graphic design, illustration, copywriting, marketing, advertising and animation. He has over two decades of experience working with clients ranging from small business to fortune 500. As a true polymath Burton is able to learn intricate systems and steer them towards better products with clear vision. A former creative director at HMH Agency may have said it best. "When Burt came in to show his book I knew within 5 minutes we wanted this guy at HMH, which at the time was growing but still small and needed a designer who was multi-faceted. Though my expectations of him were high, Burt quickly exceeded them. He was entrepreneurial and had a good grasp of business yet he was creatively driven at the core. He had high standards. He also possessed a unique world view and was unafraid to express it -- valuable to an ad agency hungry to make its mark. All this gave us a person who would give it all to any project put in front of him. If he didn't know something, he'd learn it. Video, sound, CGI, illustration, photography, web development whatever. And he'd not only learn it quickly, but the outcome would be golden. Think of him this way: MacGyver graduates RISD. To top it all off, Burt's perhaps the most respectful person I've met in this business and a great collaborator in a team environment. I am not surprised to be seeing him now leading start ups and continuing to evolve his creative career. If you need a sharp, innovative thinker -- either as a staffer or a hired gun -- who can help you shape out a business or marketing concept, get this guy involved and you'll like what happens." A couple more testimonials... "I'll always have great memories of when I worked with Burt. Crazy memories, but great. Burt is a true renaissance-creative – design, motion, illustration, photography. He has a passion for doing exceptional work. Of all the people I've worked with in this business over the years, he is high on the list for being genuine, fun and talented." "Burt is an interactive genius. One of the most easy people to work with and has a unique skillset of design and back-end development. If you get a chance to work with Burton, don't hesitate!" Here is a list of my capabilities: - Full Stack Developer (Multiple languages and Tech) - Creative Direction - Art Direction - Graphic Design - Logo/Identity Design - Web Design - Web Development - UX/UI Design - Creative Strategy - Product Design - Photography - Product Marketing - Digital Illustration - Motion Graphics - Video Editing - Audio Production - Audio Editing - Media - Online Advertising - Social Media - Direct Marketing - Content Marketing - Online Marketing - Email Marketing - Project Management - Start-ups - Computer Science - System Administration (Linux) Tools & Technologies: - Adobe Illustrator - Adobe Photoshop - Adobe After Effects - Adobe inDesign - Adobe Audition - Lightwave 3D - Atom - HTML5/CSS3 - JavaScript ES6/JSX - React.js - GIT for Version and Project Management - Microsoft Office Suite - Slack - Asana - Sketch I record time accurately and operate productively. Hire me, you will like the results.

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  • UX & UI
  • Software Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Flutter