Raghav W.
Rising Talent

Expert Web Developer: WordPress, MEAN & MERN Stack Specialist

With over three years of dedicated web development experience, I specialize in creating robust, secure, and optimized websites and web applications. My skills include AngularJS, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, Php, MySql, wordpress development and is growing in React, Machine Learning and AI as well. My portfolio showcases diverse projects, including a comprehensive note-sharing platform tailored for educators and students. It features unique functionalities like time-tracking for note engagement and is equipped with dedicated portals for various user roles, exemplifying my ability to deliver custom solutions. I also specialize in management web solutions, like Gym Management, Hospital/Clinic management as well as general management and tracking software. A standout project involved developing a custom eCommerce WordPress site, highlighting my proficiency in tailoring to the unique commercial needs of businesses. Additionally, my debugging skills came into play when I successfully ironed out complex issues for another WordPress website, ensuring seamless functionality. I am eagerly learn even more by developing more complex custom WordPress projects and utilize my expertise in the MEAN ( Stands for MongoDB, expressjs, AngularJS, and NodeJS) stack to build sophisticated applications from the ground up. Debugging and overcoming intricate challenges are particularly exciting for me, as they extend my skill set and keep my development practices sharp. I thrive on complexity and learning opportunities. If you need a developer who not only delivers exceptional results but also pushes the boundaries to discover innovative solutions, let's collaborate and elevate your web presence.
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  • TypeScript
  • Web Application
  • API
  • WordPress Development
  • WordPress Theme
  • Angular 6