Kamila K.
Lower BeechmontAustralia

Brand Consulting | Brand & Marketing Strategist | Ecommerce Strategy

I have headed my own International Award Winning Holistic Beauty & Wellness Brand White Lotus Beauty for over 10 years. During this time I have expanded the business into a multimillion $ brand operating across 3 continents. One of the keys to my success has been high level social media and internet marketing as well as implementing strategic branding strategies. This engagement has become crucial for any group wishing to develop a presence online and absolutely vital for anyone focused on ecommerce sales. This is an ever changing field in which traditional marketers and firms continuously find themselves irrelevant and out gunned by hungry firms who are willing to learn the secrets and obsessively focus on maximising every $ for actual returns. Positioning your brand correctly is imperative for success. I take a deep dive into your business and look at all of your messaging, services, pricing and analyse your business from a holistic point of view. I then make clear recommendations for you to implement. Including short term and long term strategies. By asking lots of questions and looking at your business in this way, you can take your business to the next level. All recommendations are 100% unique to your business. I love to find opportunities that you may have not considered and strengthen your offering and your brand, ensuring growth and profitibility What you will get from me is not ridiculous reports explaining the PR value of a particular stunt or advertisement. You will also not get highly priced retainers for office juniors to recycle mindless strategies. I focus only on concrete sales and returns. This is the only way to operate and succeed as an online business. For new startup businesses and smaller firms the odds are even more heavily stacked against you. The average social media budget of any firm with a genuine online presence is upwards of $50,000 a month. This is spent simply on creating content, producing links and improving the firms online presence. This is before they even pay for advertising. You cannot compete directly against this and if you try you will be out of business. You have to be smart about how you play. When I take on a firm I need to learn about what makes you unique, I need to get an angle on your business and see how I can really help you increase sales and develop that much needed cash flow. Once this is in place I can develop a top level plan for you and go forth and implement it. I can assist you directly with Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube and google. I dont work with Twitter, Yahoo or Bing as I simply have not seen the results on these platforms and I dont want to waste your time. I operate my strategies across the USA, Europe and Australia. It is important that I know where you plan to target as each group requires a different tone of voice suitable to the culture. I only take on a limited number of clients. If I dont think I can help you I will let you know straight away and we can both save a lot of time and energy. Once we decide to work together, then I can go forth and implement the same successful strategies I am using on my own business tailoring them specifically to your clientele. By operating your marketing strategy in tandem with my own I can save on time and ensure that I only use strategies that are working for me. Doing this also means your strategy is rapidly adapted to any changes in google, instagram, facebook or the wider environment. Falling behind means losing money. I have no interest in losing my own money than I do in losing yours. I am a business coach and can provide strategic business consulting and brand strategy. I have worked with alternative medicine practioners, wellness centres, yoga studios, day spas, beauty clinics, coaches and ecommerce businesses as well as arange of other businesses. My experience is both business to customer and business to business. I can help with all areas of business development whether you are a service based business, product business or both. I also have substantial experience with the retail sector and also with selling online courses/coaching.I am an expert in my industry and author of a no 1 bestselling Amazon book. I can additionally provide an all in one social media posting service where I create cutting edge content and post it daily on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. I perform in depth hashtag research and will analyse both your assets and your competitors to guarantee a dramatic rise in your engagement and followers. By doing this we can push your rank far higher on the social media platforms where you suddenly become truly visible and the sales begin to flow. Unlike others I take your business personally. I dont just put in the hours. For me if your business succeeds, I succeed.
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