Paula H.

Marketing Strategy, Business Intel, Advertising

WHAT I KNOW TO BE TRUE: PEOPLE AND RELATIONSHIPS ARE MOST IMPORTANT - Coordinated advertising & launch strategies rock. - Successful use of audience testing matters. - Keeping a constant pulse on analytics combined with intuition is magic. - Coordinated social media campaigns use your wonderful content as a client magnet. - Focused social media channel choice for your objectives saves precious energy. - Video converts! - Pricing strategy is a tactic. - Tracking and pixels take time to season. - Connecting people with other people and resources is my superpower. - Strategizing an approach is my secret sauce. - Success doesn't happen overnight. As a marketing strategist, I can provide: DONE-FOR-YOU GOOGLE, FACEBOOK™️ & INSTAGRAM™️ ADS THAT CONVERT I provide done-for-you ads, including gorgeous creative, amazing copywriting, extensive audience research and testing, custom targeting, pixel placement, and ad optimization (plus detailed reporting each week) plus hands on support, so you never feel out of the loop. EXTRA-ORDINARY SALES FUNNELS & MARKETING STRATEGIES THAT ENCHANT Ever felt like a sales funnel is simple “in theory” yet when you sit down to plan it, you can’t quite figure out the crucial sequences and strategy you need? Crafting a sales funnel that converts isn’t easy. The cost of your offer matters, the sales strategy and the avatar you are targeting all need to be crucial considerations in crafting the ideal funnel for your product. I have years of experience crafting funnels that have generated significant revenue and know the right questions to ask to cultivate a truly wonderful funnel that not only converts, but gains raving fans excited about your company. THOUGHTFUL, TARGETED, POIGNANT COPYWRITING THAT TURNS HEADS AND WINS RAVING FANS While people love to swoon over beautifully designed web pages...the real key to conversions? Copywriting that speaks so perfectly to your ideal customer they cannot WAIT to work with you. Most copywriting misses the mark. Copywriting is a skill that's crafted over years of experience. I have team members with proven conversions for their copywriting so you don't sink time, money, and effort into an advertising campaign that won't hit the mark. I can help you identify your brand story, your hook, and your unique brand advantage. PODCAST, MUSIC, & MEDIA DESIGN, PRODUCTION, AND PROMOTION THAT DRAWS A CROWD We all have hidden talents! The Clever Muse Studio helps musicians, venues, festivals, filmmakers and artists along with speakers, authors, coaches, and consultants -- basically anyone who's got something to say (or sing!) with advertising and promotion. Starting a podcast? Yep, we've done that. Want butts in seats? Check. Need views, clicks or downloads? OK. We can craft a strategy -- if you're serious. If you need help making your podcast, music, videos, gigs, or events feel more like a profession and less like an expensive hobby (by leaving nothing to chance) we can help. My analytic scientific and technical background can be your secret weapon. I am creative and detail oriented. I can bring clarity to your project. My expertise and accomplishments span multiple disciplines and my secret sauce combines unique skills in creative ways. I have always been a problem-solver and innovator. But I haven’t always been appreciated. I was never fully embraced by the creatives -- I was too analytical. I’m mistrusted by the scientists -- I’m too creative and a nonlinear thinker. Always “confident and willing to take intellectual chances,” I’ve feared never being acceptable. I’m often told I am “too much.” Is there no space for a bold, bright, and curious woman?
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