Lam L.
Ho Chi Minh CityVietnam
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DevOps Engineer

I am an innovator who can develop, test, automate, operate, connect people, and improve almost everything. I not only build and finish projects, but I'm destined to bring the best values to your projects, and products. I can contribute to development works (server development with .NET), or testing (especially automated ones), release and operate works (I can automate build and release pipelines. I can set up cloud services and monitor services). In term of "tech bits and keywords", here are a few familiar terms of mine: - Azure DevOps, Azure. - Powershell, Batch, Bash. - C#, .NET Framework, .Net Core, UWP, WPF. - Angular, Typescript. - Ionic Angular. - xUnit, Moq, JMeter, NSubstitute - SonarQube, Prometheus, Grafana. - IoT development with ESP32, ESP8266 On the side, I am an artist. In my free time, I play Punk, write poetry, and develop games. If you need some "rock" energies, here I am!


  • Linux
  • .NET Framework
  • Azure DevOps
  • Microsoft Windows
  • .NET Core