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Mykola K.

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Middle Front End Developer | Vue.js/React Frameworks Developer

👋 I'm a proactive and creative Front End Developer from Ukraine with around 1 year of experience in Vue.js and React. I’ve cooperated with various companies from the USA, Australia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and Ukraine. My main aim is to help you realize your ideas and goals. I will write clear, bugs-free code and user interface, and improve your business by reviewing your design, analyzing its structure, and suggesting development technologies and possible functionality for users and administrators that are appropriate for the project. All my projects are reliable and easy-to-use solutions with a user-friendly interface and modern design. I will also provide customer support for some time after the completion of the project. I’ve developed websites for Internet shops and platforms, IT companies, marketing companies, logistics companies, start-ups, online courses, and presentation sites for payment systems. I always suggest several development options for the described tasks. After your selection and approval, I begin to develop layouts designed in Figma, Sketch, or Adobe XD. As your partner, I create page templates and component structures, connect content using API/Sockets, and optimize the website for maximum speed, promotion, SEO, and a clear and easy-to-use interface. I work with the GIT version control system, which makes work go faster than usual. After completing the main work, I conduct testing to assess the user experience. Also, I have an extra experience with Strapi. I will be happy to create a convenient admin panel with API. You can easily edit pages, create new posts, add or edit your products and edit content in general. Here’s one of my projects: 🏆 Developed a website for a client from Singapore. It was a site with a catalog of his products and collections that he sold. Clients of the website could apply to contact the owner of the product and discuss the terms of purchase/sale. There was also a blog on the site, an opportunity to add your product for sale. After the launch of the website, the client began to develop his company throughout the country, thereby increasing the number of his customers 5 times. Development is not just a job for me, it’s what I want like to do, so I will be very happy to help you with the development of your project and complete all the tasks. I am also open to learning new technologies and environments. I will be glad to provide the following services (including, but not limited to): 🔹 Frontend web development 🔹 Full-fledged development of sites of any type and complexity from scratch (landing, corporate multi-page, information portal, blog, online store, personal account) 🔹 Development Components architecture 🔹 Development and handling Routers 🔹 Development of animation illustrations (CSS, custom, SVG, JSON, sometimes GSAP) 🔹 Development of cross-browser and responsive websites 🔹 Providing convenient-to-fill-in structure of the admin panel, based on Strapi 🔹 Implementation of dynamic pagination 🔹 Implementation of post layout 🔹 Implementation of the authorization system and personal account 🔹 Dynamic data filtering, for any type of content and for any parameters (articles, products, etc.) 🔹 Dynamic searching within the site, with the breakdown of search results into subcategories (pages, articles, products, etc.) 🔹 Writing custom calculators for the project 🔹 Writing custom logic for UI elements of the site 🔹 Writing data validation (text fields, email, date, files, it is possible to write custom validators for project requirements) 🔹 Optimization of site performance (optimization of the number of scripts, delaying the initialization of scripts, writing scripts that use a minimum of resources) 🔹 Optimization of site loading speed (minification of CSS/JS/HTML code, optimization of HTML code by reducing DOM elements, lazyload for images) 🔹 Optimization of animations (speed, fps, reducing the impact on the pagespeed score) 🔹 Implementing, testing, fixing, and maintaining the functionality of the website 🔹 Connecting content using REST API
🔹 Connecting content using Socket 🔹 Connecting Server Side Rendering for SEO 🔹 Handling the API’s data for components My tools: 💎 HTML 💎 CSS 💎 JS/JQ 💎 Vue 3 (Composition/Options API) 💎 React 💎 Nuxt 3 💎 Strapi I have experience with: 🔥 GIT 🔥 Pixel Perfect 🔥 Firebase real-time database Please contact me today and let’s talk! I’m looking forward to cooperating with you and making your business grow.
Rating is 4.55 out of 5.
4.55 Jun 9, 2022 - Sep 9, 2022

"In general not a bad choice if you need some work done on your WP site."

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Rating is 5 out of 5.
5.00 Oct 9, 2021 - Mar 22, 2022

"Great job"

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