Samsher C.

Mechanical Engineering Student

Hello! I'm eager to introduce myself and share my capabilities. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to efficiency, I'm confident in my ability to contribute positively to any team. Below, I've outlined my key skills and proficiencies. 1. Typing Efficiency: Proficient typist with a typing speed ranging between 80-90 words per minute, ensuring timely completion of data entry tasks and transcription work. Accurate and consistent in typing, maintaining precision even under pressure to meet deadlines effectively. 2. Microsoft Office Competence: Familiarity with Microsoft Office suite including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, enabling me to perform various office tasks efficiently. Capable of creating documents, managing data, and designing basic presentations using these applications. 3. Content Writing: Experienced in content creation across various formats, including articles, blog posts, and social media content. Proficient in crafting engaging and informative content tailored to specific audiences and platforms, ensuring effective communication and engagement.


  • Typing
  • Microsoft Word
  • AI Consulting
  • Advertisement