Minda B.
Abu DhabiUnited Arab Emirates

Web-scraping| Data Extraction

Web Scraper | Browser Automation | Python | NET | Selenium I have more than 3 years of experience as a developer coding automated web crawling & scraping solutions (data extractions). Since 2019 I have developed hundreds of different scrapers and crawlers for various purposes from different business directories, e-commerce sites, review sites, etc. What kind of jobs can I do for you? ------------------------------------------------------------ - scrape an e-commerce website (e.g., Amazon) - scrape search engines (e.g., Google Search, Bing Search, Yahoo Search) - scrape any other kind of website. - extract emails (portfolio) - create a custom web scraping tool to use on-demand. Do I scrap the data, or do you?------------------------------------------------------------------ It is your choice: I can give you the code if you want to run it yourself. or I can extract the data for you using the technologies that best fit. That is the best option if you want something fast and just once. How does the scraper work? -------------------------------------------------------------------- It gets all the URLs (commercial sites) or can gather data by region, county, or city (directories). Crawler or Scraper? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Both. To scrap data points, we need first to crawl the URLs we want to extract data from, and then, we scrap the data. The crawler can be vertical (categories in a commercial site, for example) and horizontal (pagination of each category). It can be static (we have a list of URLs) or dynamic (we autogenerate the list of URLs dynamically in commercial sites, for example) In the case of directories, we need input data. It can be a list of keywords and a list of zipcodes What output formats do I offer? ---------------------------------------------------------------- - .xls, .xlsx, .txt, .csv, .json, .xml or MS-Access (.mdb, .accdb), MySQL (sql), SQLServer (sql) What technologies do I use? -------------------------------------------------------------------- Scripts ....................................................................... - Python + Beautiful Soup (requests, urllib, urllib3, XPath, CSS selectors) - Scrapy I give you the script. You run it.

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  • NumPy
  • R