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If you are looking for the "Rolls Royce" of Pinescript/Tradingview Developers on Upwork, then you have come to the right place. In addition to my primary specialized skill as a 'Pinescript Connoisseur', I also have experience automating trading to trading brokers via API which makes me the best 1-stop-shop solution for you on Upwork. Having spent over $50,000 on the platform myself as a client for my own endeavors, I have had my fair share of bad experiences with freelancers. If you hire me, you will receive superior communication, top quality clean written code, and some of the fastest turnaround times on Upwork. I will deliver an experience as explained above, and all I ask is that if I do in fact deliver such an experience, you take the time to leave me a detailed review at the end of our work together, explaining how your experience working with me differed from any previous experiences you may have had with other freelancers on the platform. You probably are wondering how much you might spend working with me, and that really just depends on the complexity of your project. If you have a simple request, such as a simple strategy/indicator without much going on, you likely will pay between $550-$1500. An example being, a Bollinger band strategy with a take profit and stop loss. If you have a more moderately complex project, such as mixing/altering various indicators to create a final strategy/indicator, you likely might spend between 1500-3500$. If you have a complex project such as creating an entire indicator suite(multiple indicators), such as creating 5+ indicators to sell on Tradingview, you likely could spend well over 3500$. If you are wanting to automate your trading, depending on the platform of choice and the nature of the strategy, the cost for such a connection can range anywhere between 3500-6500.(normally around $4500) Shoot me a message and lets chat over zoom via the Upwork integration and quickly discuss your project needs. The consultations are free, and last as long as needed. It can be 2 minutes or 2 hours. My goal during this call is to ask you as many questions as I need until my brain clicks and fully understands your project. THINGS I CAN HELP YOU WITH : 1. Creating Strategies and Indicators On Tradingview 2. Modifying Strategies and Indicators On Tradingview 3. Automating Trading from TradingView To Various Brokers/Exchanges using Python 4. Consulting For Tradingview and Pinescript 5. Consulting For Selling Indicators On Tradingview 6. Automating Access To Tradingview Indicators For Users If You Sell Custom Indicators THINGS I CANNOT HELP YOU WITH: 1. Improving/Creating Your Strategies by myself. If you want me to magically improve/create your strategies, I cannot help you with that. If you have the logic needed to improve/create your current strategies, I would be happy to implement that for you, but I am not capable of magically improving/creating your strategy upon my own accord. 2. If you come to me and say, "I want an accurate indicator/strategy" I will not be able to provide that for you. When coming to me for help, you need to have the logic ready in plain English so that I can implement the logic you explain to me. I will not come up with the logic for you, however depending on the request I might give you some pointers/ideas. This goes for any request. If you want to use a free indicator that is open source on the Tradingview Indicator Library, I would be happy to implement that for you. If you would like to discuss and get my opinion on what the logic should be, depending on what the task is, I would be willing to do that over a zoom call. # tradingview , # pinescript , # pine script , # trading view, #tradingview, #pinescript, #pine script, #trading view, #tradingautomation #trading automation, #API, # API

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