Kristine Cyrill R.

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👩‍💼Hi! I'm Kristine Cyrill, from the Pearl of the Orient, the Philippines. I am an experienced Product Researcher who is really passionate in doing my job. I possess an exceptional set of skills that are available to become a top-level AMAZON FBA like product sourcing, online arbitrage, and hunting winning deals. I am a freelancer who is extremely dedicated to proving 100% client satisfaction to my future clients. Tools I Utilize: 🔥 Keepa 🔥 DS-Amazon Quickview 🔥 Seller Amp-SAS 🔥 BuyBotPro 🔥 Amazonia Right Click 🔥 Right Click for Amazon 🔥 Amazon Scout Calculator 🔥 Restricted/Hazmat 🔥 AZinsight 🔥 FBA Multi-tool 🔥 Amazon Rank Chrome Extension Hard core skills: 🔥 Amazon Product Hunter 🔥 Keepa Master 🔥 Amazon Online Arbitrage 🔥 Amazon FBA 🔥 Amazon Wholesale 🔥 Purchasing deals 🔥 Google Sheets Soft mastered-skills 🔥 Proficient in English 🔥 Problem-solver 🔥 Strategic 🔥 Meticulous 🔥 Proactive 🔥 Curious If you are interested, remember I am just 1 click away. Will be waiting to hear from you!😉 All the best! Kristine Cyrill R.