Riccardo M.
PragueCzech Republic
Rising Talent

Data Scientist | Machine Learning Engineer

Data scientist with a solid statistical background, international experience, and 4+ years in the development of machine learning applications in human resources, telco, and public administrations. I got my bachelor's in Statistics and my Master's in Data Science Master at the University of Padova (Italy). Moreover, I studied for one year at the University of Helsinki (Finland). Thanks to my university path, I've developed a deep mathematical understanding of machine learning models and solid statistical/mathematical reasoning. In my working experience, I've deeply got in touch with the computer science field. I've developed systems that take raw input data, preprocessing them, and, through a machine learning model, solve business needs. I have a side project. It regards the application of machine learning in football matches' gambling.


  • Machine Learning Model
  • ML Automation
  • Generative AI
  • Database
  • Web Scraping