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I am an award-winning author with HarperCollins. My books have won various awards including: A Kirkus Best Book of 2017 A New York Public Library Best Book of the Year An ALA/YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults Selection Having experienced the entire publishing process, from first draft to book launch, I understand the writer's perspective in every stage of the process. I am drawn to authors with an unwavering passion to share their work, regardless of their chosen publishing path. I take my clients' work as seriously as I take my own. I have several services listed below. If unsure which is right for you, please contact me and provide details about your project and progress. I will be glad to help guide you in the right direction, even if it means I recommend you to another freelancer. If you have specific questions about writing or the publishing process, you can schedule a consultation with me. DEVELOPMENTAL EDITING This is sometimes called “substantive editing" or “content editing.” Here I focus on the structure and content of the entire manuscript. For novelists, this means I focus not on sentences yet but on insights such as plot, setting, point of view, theme, conflict, tone and characterization. With early drafts there is often some restructuring required, as well as modifying, moving or omitting passages. Rather than focus on the use of language and polishing the sentences, this edit is about making sure you are achieving what you set out to do. For non-fiction authors: I can help you organize and outline your book, as well as fine-tune the argument. I can identify what is missing and what can be omitted. I can also help with chapter titles, subheadings, and ways to visually express data. LINE EDITING & COPY EDITING These two are often confused. Copy editing takes care of inconsistencies such as spelling and eliminates common errors, grammar issues, and inaccuracies in sentence structure. With line editing, an editor aims to improve the clarity of a piece of writing by examining the manuscript on a sentence level. I make suggestions regarding word choice, syntax, and tone to enhance the author’s writing style and the text’s overall effectiveness. Being a writer myself, I possess expertise in line editing and provide the additional service of copy editing, a rarity among editors. Line editors can often offer copy edits, while copy editors often cannot offer line edits. I offer both because I cannot simply ignore the copy-editing issues of the book as I revise for clarity. Save time and money by using the same editor for both. BOOK COACHING I can help you master the fundamental principles and storytelling skills that make writing much easier. Do any of the following statements resonate with you? I want to write a book but don’t know how to begin. I’ve started but am struggling to finish. The plot or structure feels like a complete mess. I feel creatively stuck. I have ideas and notes but don’t know how to develop them into a book. I’m ready for revisions but I don’t know how to go about it. I wonder if I have what it takes. Even if I do write a book, what if nobody likes it? A Book Coach can help. Imagine . . . Having a clear road map to guide you on every aspect of the writing process. Having weekly deadlines to make sure you complete your book. Getting personalized feedback on every aspect of your writing so you can make it better. Getting support from someone who has gone through the entire writing process himself Feeling confident in your work rather than overwhelmed. Having someone with whom to brainstorm or bounce ideas off of when you feel stuck. Having a completed book. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, please send me a message telling me about your project. Here are just some of the client testimonials you can find in my Upwork history: "Wonderful feedback and guidance helping me work through the content doubts I had. Always reliable, always offering valuable insights on how to progress. I highly recommend him." - Henrik Jensen, author of Masculine Meditations "Fred was outstanding to work with. An expert editor and it was great communicating with him. He totally got what I needed and delivered. Highly, highly recommend." - James A. Cosby, author of Rock Music, Authority and Western Culture "Fred did an amazing job editing some essays for me. He took the initiative to ask some great questions that took the piece to the next level. He was very encouraging and easy to work with. I also felt safe to share and explore any ideas. He has the right combination of expert editing skill while at the same time having a broader perspective on writing from his own experience that can really help." - Larry Tadlock, memoirist and stand-up comedian
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"Fred has been a great editor and writing teacher. He drastically improved some of my skills using planned lessons and exercises. The editing work he did was on time and thorough. "

Samuel M.
Feb 2021


"A professional and skillful editor. His shrewd observations and corrections have helped me not only to improve my novel but to enhance my writing skills. He delivers the job within the agreed deadline, paying attention to detail, and clarifies my doubts."

Cyntia O.
Feb 2021