Neeraj B.
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Python, Django, Fast API, Kivy, javascript, d3.js

Web app development via ✅ Python - (Django, Kivy). Experience in API performance improvement. Task automation using Celery and PDF generation using reportlab. Interactive Brokers API and payment gateway integration. Caching via Redis. System design using micro services architecture and cloud deployment. Following are my area of expertise:- ✅ Python ✅ Django , FastAPI and Kivy frameworks ✅ Postgresql , Redis (cache) ✅ Frontend development using native javascript, bootstrap , HTML , CSS ✅ Cloud deployment - Digital Ocean, AWS ✅ PDF generation using Python library reportlab ✅ Image processing (Pillow) ✅ Interactive Charts using d3.js ✅ Gmal OAuth 2.0 integration ✅ Automatic tasks via cron tab and Celery ✅ Interactive Brokers API ✅ Payment gateway Integration Projects executed successfully, using Python (Django), Javascript, and d3.js (Data Visualization) 1️⃣ CRM - for manufacturing company for their sales team, a multiuser cloud application 2️⃣ Sports Management portal - for online booking of playing venues like turfs, courts 3️⃣ Pathology Lab Management - Recording medical tests results and generating PDF reports 4️⃣ Interactive Brokers API - Designed software for storing stock market data for Options trading Projects - using Python (Kivy, Pillow - imaging library) 1️⃣ Image Processing - To generate a set of images based on a single or multiple design images and a database of names and numbers to be used as input for digital printing (e.g., sports players Tshirts) All the projects mentioned above are in production and not sample projects.

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  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • API Integration
  • pandas
  • Kivy
  • Celery
  • Web Application
  • Cloud Implementation
  • PDF
  • Redis