Mahmoud K.

Arabic language tutor, teaches non-natives Arabic as a second language

Is learning a new language a boring process? Well, it can be sometimes. But with the method I use, Learning Arabic has became an interactive fun experience. I am a passionate teacher with over 10 years of experience. The fundamental key in the method I use, is to mimic the way you have learned your first language as a child. It all started with hearing, listening, recognising, and imitating. So think of yourself as a much more smart, responsible, and dedicated kid, and let's Enjoy together learning Arabic using interesting interactive resources to gain confidence in our new Arabic language skills. The courses I offer are designed to build your knowledge from scratch, in 4 different well designed levels. To put you on the right path to learn the language of 400 million people and over 22 countries. You will learn how to speak, listen, read and write! Join our channel "Mahmoud made Arabic easy" now to get your first key to understand the amazing mestic Arabic culture.


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