Jawad M.

Data Science | Data Analysis | MS Excel

If you're encountering challenges with data entry, data analysis, or data cleaning, you're in the right place. I'm here to provide assistance in these areas. Let me guide you from data chaos to clarity effortlessly. Simplify tasks, uncover insights, and make informed decisions with ease. Say goodbye to headaches as I analyze your data seamlessly. Choose me to conquer complexity and solve your data challenges." What I do? Inputting new data into Excel spreadsheets. Utilizing Excel's functions and tools for in-depth analysis. Gathering and organizing data from various sources. Identifying and rectifying errors in the dataset. Removing duplicates and inconsistencies to ensure data integrity. Utilizing Excel's functions and features for data manipulation. "Choose me for your data needs and unlock the power of insights buried within your information treasure trove"


  • Microsoft Excel