Yosef A.
South CikarangIndonesia

Professional Translator for Website Articles

The Internet has opened the new world of connectivity. Information spread across the world in real-time. A conference took place without barrier, and people watches video streaming from everywhere. Yet, there is a subtle barrier that gets in the way of such communication: language. While English is the universal language and the most spoken in the world, localization still holds its role for communication in some country, including Indonesia. I have worked and experienced on both ends I prepared the company documents in English for audit by foreign parties. I also translated a website content into Bahasa Indonesia as a localization project. So, if you are looking for a professional who is capable at: * interpreting a document language from English to Indonesian and vice versa. * app localization that is unlikely to marked as "lost in translation" * website translation that amplifies human language, rather than a machine generated. Then rest assured that this is the page that you want to reach. PS: I do recommend you to perform validation by going to the "Work history and feedback" section below. Clients always tell the truth!


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