Nompumelelo N.
JohannesburgSouth Africa

Data science

I am a Data Scientist with a passion for turning complex data into actionable insights. With a strong foundation in statistics, machine learning, and data analysis, I excel at: Data Analysis & Visualization: Crafting clear and compelling visualizations that highlight key trends and insights. Machine Learning: Developing predictive models that drive strategic decision-making. Statistical Modeling: Applying rigorous statistical methods to interpret data and inform business strategies. Big Data Technologies: Leveraging cutting-edge tools to handle large-scale data processing. What I Do Best: Problem-Solving: I thrive on tackling challenging data-related problems and delivering practical solutions. Collaboration: Working closely with cross-functional teams to ensure data-driven approaches align with business objectives. Communication: Translating complex data findings into understandable and actionable recommendations for both technical and non-technical stakeholders.


  • Software
  • Model Predictive Control

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