Bvn M.

Wizard in Pitch Decks / PowerPoint / Presentation Design / Rendering

I'm a Techno-Artistic-Business expert with strong expertise in each and an optimum balance among the said elemental aspects. My experience includes regularly pitching to VCs/Strategic Investors/High Profile Clients, Developing and visualizing State of Art Technology Products. The Pitch decks/business presentations I designed played an instrumental role in raising over USD 30Mn. Over the last 10 years of my journey, I developed strong professional expertise around Business Presentations, Product Development, and Visualisation. I can deliver top-notch quality and add great value to you if you are looking for the below services. 1. Pitch Decks and Business Presentation Decks in PowerPoint/Photoshop - I will design a professional pitch deck/presentation for your investor/business meetings. I'm an Entrepreneur and I understand how much of an Impact the decks can create and many of the VC/Investment Firms I've pitched so far mentioned that our's is one of the finest and best decks they've seen so far. I will help not only with the visual graphic design but also with the content and delivery as necessary. 2. 3D Modelling/Product Visualization in Autodesk Inventor/Solidworks/Catia/Keyshot/Photoshop etc. - I will model and assemble any complex product/Assembly from drawings or even your imagination just using basic description and hand sketches. I will render your products for still images and 3D video animations. I will deliver top-class renders for using them in your websites, presentations, etc. Jewellery - Consumer Electronics-Mechanical Assemblies-Utilities-etc. To conclude, I've been working on each of the above-mentioned aspects regularly for the last 14 years, and are also the skills that I still use today to add great value to my work. If provided an opportunity I will work on your project with the same intensity and integrity I keep on mine. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. It's my responsibility to answer. Thank you for your time. Warm Regards, BVN.


  • SolidWorks
  • Business Presentation
  • 3D Product Rendering
  • Product Design
  • Pitchbook