Francis H.
Port HarcourtNigeria

Social Media Manager | Social Media Marketer | Social Media Expert

As a seasoned Social Media Manager, I thrive in the dynamic digital landscape, where creativity meets strategy. My mission? To elevate brands, engage audiences, and drive meaningful connections across social platforms. Let’s dive into the details: About Me: - Strategic Visionary: I don’t just post; I craft compelling narratives that align with your brand’s goals. From awareness campaigns to lead generation, I’ve got the playbook. - Data Whisperer: Metrics are my muse. I analyze engagement rates, click-throughs, and conversions to fine-tune strategies. ROI? It’s not just an acronym; it’s my obsession. - Platform Polyglot: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn—I speak their languages fluently. Each platform has its nuances, and I adapt like a chameleon. - Content Architect: - Storytelling Maven: I believe every brand has a story. I weave narratives that resonate, whether it’s a heartfelt blog post or a snappy tweet. - Visual Virtuoso: From eye-catching graphics to Instagram Reels, I create thumb-stopping content. Adobe Suite? Consider it my playground. - SEO Savvy: Keywords aren’t just for websites. I sprinkle them into captions and bios, boosting discoverability. Campaign Maestro: - 360° Campaigns: I orchestrate end-to-end campaigns—conceptualization, execution, and analysis. Whether it’s a product launch or a holiday promo, I’ve got the score. - Influencer Collaborations: I’ve danced with micro-influencers and duetted with macro ones. Authentic partnerships? Check. - Paid Social Alchemist: Facebook Ads Manager? My second home. I optimize budgets, A/B test, and retarget like a pro. - Community Cultivator: - Audience Whisperer: I engage with followers like they’re old friends. Comments, - --- DMs, and live chats—I’m there, building relationships. - Crisis Navigator: When the social storm hits, I’m the calm in the chaos. Crisis communication? I’ve weathered it. - Brand Advocacy: I turn fans into brand evangelists. User-generated content? Yes, please! Digital Nomad: - Trend Tracker: TikTok dances, Clubhouse rooms—I’m on the pulse. Social media waits for no one. - Global Mindset: Time zones? Consider them conquered. I’ve managed accounts from Tokyo to Toronto. Metrics-Driven Results: Increased engagement by 40% Boosted website traffic by 25% through targeted LinkedIn campaigns. Turned a Twitter rant into a positive PR moment