Mariel F.

Dental Healthcare Virtual Assistance

Mariel possesses extraordinary passion in her endeavor. Hence, she is confident that she pours all that she could to serve people during her work. Her extreme genuineness in serving to drive her toward her better self also helps her be molded as an individual with an eye toward long-term commitment- unruffled by short-term turbulence. Working in healthcare every day is different. There is always a new challenge to solve, often in a short amount of time. Nevertheless, that is not a problem, as she can think on her feet. There may be various events of repudiation against a healthcare worker’s recommendations or treatment schedules. Still, she is used to working under pressure, dealing with every situation calmly and with a rational state of mind.
Work history

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  • Virtual Assistance
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Audio Transcription
  • Electronic Health Record
  • Insurance Verification
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Huddle
  • Meeting Notes
  • Insurance Claim Submission
  • Status Reports
  • Preauthorization