Taha K.


I can provide accurate certified translations of following documents from English into Urdu, Spanish into English,French into English,Persian into English,vietnamese into English and vice versa. LEGAL Licenses & Agreements. Wills & Trusts, Contracts & Agreements, Power of attorney. Notary acts, Notices & Notes, Divorce certificates, Domiciles, FIR Translation, Criminal records, etc. LOCALIZATION Software Localization, Android Localization, iOS App Localization, Web Localization. Translation Management, Website Translation, App Localization in Urdu (India & Pakistan), translation via localization platforms including Crowdin & Transifex, Audio and Visual localization, Subtitle translation services, etc. "BUSINESS Commercial Invoices & Proposals, Bill of lading, Press releases, Business letters & proposals, Business presentations, etc. "EDUCATION Educational certificates. Transcripts, Migration certificates (Punjab University and other Universities). Thesis Translation, Religious Manuscripts especially related to Islam and Quran, Diplomas, Academic Writing, School reports. Theses. Translation of books, Article translations of academic journals, Translations of novels and short stories Character certificates, etc. *CIVIL ACTS Marriage certificates or Nikahnama, Birth certificates, ID cards (issued by NADRA, Government of Pakistan). Passports (Pakistani and Indian), Death certificates, Talaqnama, Fard Mukhtarnama etc. in Urdu, Western Punjabi/Pakistani Punjabi, Sindhi. Saraiki Kashmir, Hindko, Pothwari/Potowari/Paharhi, Dari, Balochi, Arabic, Hindi and Persian languages; and certificates of residency, etc. TECHNICAL User manuals, Installation guides, Instructional documents, Troubleshooting guides, Technical specifications. Troubleshooting guides, Content Writing. White papers, Sales vouchers, Blog posting. Forum posting, Journalistic Writings, App Translation, Product brochures, Data entry or Typing, handwritten notes to authors and typists, Speech Translations, Localizer video testimonial services, Article re-writing. Technical reports, etc. *COMMERCIAL Bank statements, Financial reports, Financial summaries, Tax forms & returns, Insurance applications, Deeds of purchase or sale. Balance sheets, Terms and conditions. Commercial contracts, etc. "WORK Payslip, Employment contracts. Cover letters, CV. Training certificates, Professional certifications, Employment certificates, Internship attestation, etc. ADMINISTRATIVE Visa files, Medical certificates, Bank statements, etc. *TRANSPORTATION Driving permit, Registration forms, Vehicle registration, Accreditation, Insurance cards. Insurance statements, etc. Also provide translation services in these languages: Urdu", Punjabi, Saraiki, Hindko, Paharhi. Pothwari, Persian and Arabic. * Urdu (Pakistan) and Urdu (India) or UR-PK and Urdu-In ⚫ Punjabi (Shahmukhi with Arabic font: also known as Western Punjabi or Pakistani Punjabi /RTL)

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  • Audio Transcription
  • PDF Conversion
  • AI Content Writing
  • Japanese to English Translation
  • Spanish to English Translation
  • French to English Translation